Hi! My name is Karl Dittmann and I am a veteran trader and trading tools developer for over 20 years.
My goal is to help you in your forex trading and ensure that you achieve your financial goals in the
shortest and easiest way possible.

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  1. Pezhman

    Hello dear Karl,
    Which of your products is suitable for Forex trading in H1 and H4 time frame? Would you please help me to choose the best one?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      It is an indicator and myfxbook stats are only for robots.
      Just look at the screenshots on Rapid Trend Gainer website.

  2. kaveh

    Hello, Carl, I would like to buy the Infinity Scalper system. Is it better? Thank you for helping me.

  3. rory Brown

    Which one of your products would you recommend to help me trade Nadex Binary Options of 20 minute and above? And also for 5 minute Binary’s?

  4. Vinesh

    I am looking for something that works with alpha trader do you have a program that works with that and not meta trader 4 Please let me know

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      At the moment we concentrate on MT4 only as it is much better. I will inform you asap if we start supporting alpha.

    2. Vijay

      Hi Karl
      I need to know about fibo machine. I have one account and I want to add another account. How do I do It?

      1. Karl Dittmann Post author

        I will send you an email with reply.

  5. isam

    Hello Karl,

    Good day…

    i’ve bought the Super profit scalper for the 1&5 min.
    then went through the products you have:
    – Set Forget pattern
    – pips wizard
    – Forex Enigma.
    – read the comments about the Fibo machine

    my work condition doesn’t allow me to set in front of the screen for hours, need your help to guide me to buy the best of your products that best fit someone with a limited time focus on the charts, when i watch the videos i can see it’s the same i mean the enigma Vs. the wizard.

    thanks for your reply…

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hi there! Forex Enigma and Pips Wizard Pro are actually completely different products.
      I will send you an email with full explanation and advice.

  6. Aqilesh Naik

    Hello Karl,

    I am venturing into the FX market and have no prior experience of trading. I see that you have some of the best indicators for trading FX and also have a ton of experience trading.

    Could you guide me and let me know which is the best indicator i can buy from you to kick start me wins in this market.

  7. Al

    Hi Mr. Dittmann,

    Thank you very much for your surprise Christmas gift of Fibo Machine Pro. Very precise and intuitive indicator.
    I have a great success using it on EURUSD 15 min. I’m still learning the rules you’ve listed in your indicator description page.
    It took me a bit of time to get self confidence in using it. Patience + self discipline + the power of the indicator is the key.

    Thank you again and I wish you a great success with your work.

    Happy New year 2017!!!!

    Best regards.


  8. Geoff

    Hi Karl
    have just downloaded the Fibo machine pro.
    Looking forward to getting some good results finally in Forex,
    the fact that you plan the trade and let it run its course suits me fine

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hi! 🙂 Please email me with your choice. Its working now.

  9. René

    Hi Karl!

    My Name is Rene, I’m from Germany as well – and I’d like to say THANK YOU for your Christmas Gift eMail!

    I tried to answer to karl@karldittmann.com – but my eMail bounced back, so I try to reach out here.

    I’d love to receive the “FiboMachinePro” for MT4 please! – Thank you very much! – 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful festive season and a happy new year 2017! – Much success!

    Best Regards,

  10. Tony

    Hello Karl,
    I responded to your Christmas Gift e-mail and it comes back as *Undeliverable* – I would like the Fast FX Profit, please?

    Regards (td)

  11. Luanna Bryant

    I just reponded to your “Christmas Gift” email and and got it sent back saying mailing error. Is this a way to contact you, if so I would like to get the Fibomachinepro. Thank you for all you’ve done and have a wonderful Christmas and Prosperous New Year!!!

  12. Orley Alvarez

    I brought the PIPS WIZARD PRO, installed on my window camputer, then I try to install it on my mac and i would not be installed, I though it was going to synch with all devices within that specific broker, any help or clarification regarding that issue will be helpfull,,,

  13. Mfundo Zondi


    My name is Mfundo. i was referred to you by one of my friends. regarding your indicators.

    i am interested in knowing what idicatirs you have.


  14. jag

    hi karl i bought your autofib indicator back in 2012 due to messed up pc and now only having exe file not in mql laungauage i cannot drop it onto metrader 4 could you please help on this if you need proff i bought it let me know what you need as proff.



  15. Grace Young

    I use Mac Pro and iPhone. Will your software work with these?

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      MT4 will run on Mac only with special programs. If you can install Windows on your Mac then it will be much easier.

  16. promise

    i saw your software (forex secret indicator ie fibonancci miracle).am interested in it.contact me via my e mail asap.thanks

  17. Carlo Graziani

    Sehr geehrter Herr Dittmann,
    kürzlich habe ich den chandelierstop_v1 heruntergeladen. Er gefällt mir sehr. Es ist aber, soweit ich es beurteilen kann, eine etwas ausgearbeitetere Version, die 4 Parameter enthält. Die Parameter “ATRPeriod”, “Kv” und “Shift” sind mit soweit klar, aber worauf sich “Length” bezieht, kann ich nicht herausfinden. Können Sie mir weiterhelfen?
    Besten Dank und freundliche Grüsse,
    Carlo Graziani

  18. Michael Zülke

    Hallo Herr Dittmann:

    Gibt es eine Rufnummer unter der man Sie erreichen kann?


    Michael Zülke

  19. Zsolt Zeberer

    Hallo Herr Dittmann,

    seit einiger Wochen teste ich Ihr “float” Indicator, funktioniert super, doch meistens bin ich verwirrt welches time frame zu verwenden ist. Haben Sie eine Empfehlung? Für mich scheint H4 am besten zu sein, aber Paar Mal klappte M30 auch perfekt wie z.B. EUR/USD am 13.01. um 8 Uhr. Doch für ein H4 signal muss mann mehrere Wochen lang warten.
    Haben Sie vielleicht eine ausführliche Beschreibung fürs Indicator, weil ich sowas nicht schaffen konnte.

    Zsolt Zeberer


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