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By | August 6, 2010

…What if you had a secret key that would unlock the back door
to Forex?…
I’ve developed what I believe is the most sophisticated (and easy
to use) trading software ever made available to the public: a complete
plug’n’play Forex software-system that provides only highly profitable
signals shown on your chart as simple “arrows” and tells you what
will happen with prices in future…

“Forex Secret Profit” software by Karl Dittmann

I just launched my newest project that took me
4 month to develop.. The system will show you laser accurate
entry and exit points with “Arrows” on your chart… Get ready
for the Forex revolution, I guarantee you have never seen
something like that before!

It doesn’t matter if you trade Forex or stocks, what I have to share
with you will permanently transform the way you look at the market.
Even if you are a beginning trader, you can… The performance and
the profit that you make with this new tool is outstanding:

“Forex Secret Profit” by Karl Dittmann

Let me know if you need any help

3 thoughts on “Forex Buy Sell Arrows Indicator – Forex Secret Profit Software

  1. Dawid

    Hello. I want buy this software because I don´t know what is better:
    forexsecretprofits or Instant Buy Sell Signal.

  2. Val

    Hi Warren,

    Which currency pairs did you trade and which timeframes? What stop loss parameter did you use?

  3. warren

    Purchased Buy/Sell Arrows Indicator on Aug. 24, 2010.
    Results as of 09/03/2010:
    Closed P/L: $ 19,368.20
    Open P/L :- $ 7,256.04
    Net Profit: $ 12,112.16
    Will be trading for a couple more weeks to see how it performs beforeI go live with it.


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