My Own Best TREND Trick – How CONSTANTLY make 200 pips per trade

Dear Traders
The “trend secret” is very simple to use, just look
at today’s screenshot 200 pips in 1 trade today:
(just added – …almost 200 pips in 1 day)
Get and use the STP indicator to make the same profit daily!

It’s simply the best trend tool of the year 2012!

Thank you all for your outstanding interest for the newest
trend indicator “Super Trend Profit”! I’ve received tons of happy
testimonials (I’ll probably post them later) – here is just one
of them (received just a few minutes ago):
Kamr— <k_t—>Hello Karl –
I think you did it!! You created a beautiful indicator that works.
Below are my trades (unfortunately in Demo account) using
the STP indicator since purchase yesterday, up $1700 or about 18% .

Free Stupid Simple Forex System makes 20+ pips daily profit

Dear Forex Traders

Many traders keep asking me which manual trading systems to use.
Today I want to share one super simple but (in my opinion)
profitable manual Forex system that really works, it’s totally Free:

The profit potential (daily) is 20 pips or more. SCREENSHOT

Let me know how do you like it, what other Forex strategies
or tools you are looking for… I will do my best to help you.

Free Forex Pattern Recognition Indicator with Alerts

pattern indicator forexThis brilliant indicator gives you a lot of useful information for a price action
trading- when to enter, when to exit, trend changes etc… just follow the Pattern figures and popup alerts.

(if never deal with Forex patterns (very profitable price action trading!) – I recommend
go to and search for “forex patterns” – you will find a lot of educational videos.

DOWNLOAD Indicator (right click – SAVE AS..)

Happy trading

SOURCE: the indicator is available for free on some open Forex sources.

Free Forex Profitable Indicator with Free Forex strategy that works

Dear Traders

I have another useful free tool for you today Free FX Sniper Indicator
It’s a metatrader4 indicator with simple but profitable trading strategy.

This simple indicator gives you a lot of useful information – when to enter, when to exit
and how to reduce risks by entering a trade on a double confirmed signal

Free FX Profitable Indicator with Free Awesome strategy

Free Forex powerful Indicator and Free system

Free Forex powerful Indicator and Free system – free download great metatrader4 indicator.

I have a small but very useful gift for you today Free Forex MMR Indicator
and Free MMR trading system.

MMR – all in 1 – (MA, RSI and MACD) is really simple and
powerful indicator and free trading system together:

The indicator work on mt4 platforms, any Forex pairs and any time frames.

Happy trading everyone.


Free Forex powerful Buy Sell Indicator: Double signal and Trend strength

Here is awesome free Forex indicator for you:

The indicator draws a current trend buy or sell opportunity in “double confirmed mode”
When both arrows in the same direction – it is a double confirmed signal.
When arrows printed in opposite way – not confirmed signal – no trades.

Keep an eye on my next post – I am going to publish in my blog
absolutely unique NEW Forex tool¬† – it’s awesome.
Don’t miss my next email. I will send it soon.
Let me know if you need any help.


Free Forex Signals Indicator

Free Forex Signals Buy Sell Indicator
I have a small gift for you. Great Free metatrader 4 indicator:
This is very simple and powerful indicator, DeMark Trendline
Trader draws two trendlines red and green, when price break
one of them that is signal for trade. As you
can see on image  the indicator draws Take Profit too.

I hope it will help your trading! Let me know if you need anything..

Warm regards