Best Karl Dittmann Products *New Update*

By | May 18, 2010

4 Products You Will Fall in Love With! – the most recent creation of mine
*Has the most advanced algorithms hidden inside of it.
You definitely need to check it out! – this day-trading software is accurate,
beginner-friendly and profitable! What else can a trader dream of? – this indicator is hands down
the most unique software I’ve ever created.
*Its incredible Real-Time Technology makes all traders
fall in love with it from day 1! – the nano-precision of this tool is amazing!
Trading on M1-M30 has never been more accurate.

NOTE: If you want a personal recommendation on which product
will best suit your goals and your trading style, please send me
a message here:

Warm Regards,
Karl Dittmann

338 thoughts on “Best Karl Dittmann Products *New Update*

  1. riaad

    Hi Karl

    Can you kindly which is the best and easiest of your products for me to try out for best results.
    I love martingale trading – any product you have that would assist me there?

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you for your interest in my products!
      It is solely the matter of personal preferences,
      but for you I would recommend Onyx Scalper
      as it is a very beginner-friendly tool. It also has
      a great Optimal Entry system which can be very
      beneficial to your trading!

      As for Martingale trading, I usually do not
      recommend resorting to it to my members,
      but if you wish you can try to use it with
      Onyx Scalper on a demo account to see
      whether you are satisfied with the outcome.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you for reaching out to me!

      If you want to automate your trading,
      you can get your own copy of DNA Scalper
      along with DNA Scalper Assistant. It will allow
      you to enter trades with one click and exit them

  2. Divyanshu Dayal

    Hi Karl,
    Your products are excellent. I have been trading since 2013. As I mature in trading, I find that the profit making abilities of your products are extraordinary!
    Really appreciate your judgement and logic that goes into the products.

    This is my independent and voluntary opinion as a trader.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you for your feedback!

      I am extremely proud to have members
      like you who are capable of taking
      advantage of what my products can offer!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you sir
    I have used this indicator, after I downloaded it, and the results are very satisfying. I tried the transaction and the result was profit. I am grateful to have been met with you. I hope this result will always be consistent every time I trade.
    a good indicator, and I feel comfortable using it.
    greetings of profit
    Best regards,
    Stevanus Andri

  4. Israel

    This comment is not dedicated to any indicator, but to the honesty of Mr. Karl, if he says that he returns the money, he does it, I had to return 2, one that I bought by mistake, and another that did not fit my operation, no more than a question, I made the reimbursement and always try to help, not all traders do. In the future I would like to buy some for swing. Greetings.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you my friend! I am doing my best to make this place like a real home for traders!

  5. Fady Fahmy

    I bought X Scalper Since 3 days ago
    It’s wonderful
    With a little analysis + follow the manual + X Scalper
    In 3 trading days I achieved 318 pip
    I don’t know how to thank you Karl
    You have made trading more fun
    Thank you very much

  6. Vincent

    I have been very impressed with the FX Millennium indicator. It is very easy to use and with the number of signals that appear on the MT4 platform, it is extremely simple to place a trade with a sensible stop loss and a decent target. The ‘hard lifting’ is taken out of trading and for those who are not experienced with price action/trend trading it could not be easier. As expected, the signals work best in a trending market.

    I would like to do more testing to ensure that I will ultimately be profitable. Always remember, that no indicator will give a 100% win rate but anything above 50% win rate makes the FX Millennium a worthwhile investment as the risk reward promises to always achieve higher than 1:1. This will make you profitable over the long term if you follow the rules. Highly recommended!

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you so much Vincent. Very detailed feedback!

  7. Andre Frank

    Karl, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

    I purchased the Trend Mystery Assistant tonight and I’m looking at the daily Charts.

    Oh my goodness. This is a swing traders dream!!!

    I’ve purchased like 90% of your indicators and if this does what I think it will………GAME OVER!!


    I’m truly grateful


    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thanks so much for such an emotional feedback!

  8. ivan v

    Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019, 9:28 PM
    karl I thankyou so much I have purchased all 3 indicators from you
    & have had good success with all 3 of them trend mystery, fx atom pro, fibo
    quantom all 3 are accurate keep up the good work & very
    much admire your determination
    experienced work look forward to
    reaching my financial goal with your help please keep in
    touch.kindest regards.ivan v

  9. John McClure

    Hi Karl,

    Day 3 of using FX Atom Pro and 328 points up with no losses. So
    far I am very impressed Sir. I’ll you posted.

    Best regards


  10. Wael

    Dear Karl,

    Thank you for your e-mail. Yes every thing is o.k download, installation and the activation.
    The user guide is very clear and I have started the demo test with 2 profitable trades
    1. (GBPAUD – H1) with 1st target 100 pips and the second half still going.
    2. (GBPCAD – H1) with 1st target 110 pips and the second half is still going
    3. (GBPJPY – H1) still in progress.
    So I thank you for another good indicator and I’ll take a while for
    testing then I’ll e-mail you again.
    My Best Regards,

  11. Kumar

    Dear Karl

    I purchased your scalping detector.

    I am using it to trade a high beta stock in India. This stocks moves around 400 points per day . I take every signal in M1 because of its high volatility. I am making at the end of the day at least 250 points if not more.

    I made amazing 350 points on very first day of my trade using this scalping detector. Now I am not bothered. It is stress free. I just follow the buy and sell signals and quite pleased. I know by end of the day I am always on the positive side. I make about 3-4 trades per day at the most for a single stock. I trade only one stock.

    Thanks a lot for this nice indicator.



    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Amazing results Kumar! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Anthony

    Thanks for looking out I have successfully installed and activated my account, and everything is working properly well. So far I have 9 wining trades zero loss. I must say I have never seen anything like this with respect to all the indicators that I have come across. I really pray to recover all my losses with this scaping indicator.

  13. Melissa


    I think About buy the pips wizard pro have anybody
    Try this and Which one works best?

  14. Son

    Do I need some another indicator to filter exactly signal with X Scapler? Can I use it on H1 timeframe?

  15. Kim

    I made 70+ pips my first full trading day using your Scalping Detector. The signals are very accurate and I’ve been able to catch some huge moves right at the beginning of the move.

  16. Ruud Kulk

    I bought FX Atom Pro 2 weeks ago, I have expierenced in demo mode and it gave very good results.
    I have made pictures for the results.
    It works great when you follow the rules.

    Warm hart and greatings to Karl and his team to make such a good tools.
    I had a lot lost in the past, now i have confidence to get recovered on my own.
    Best regards to all of the traders in here!
    Ruud (from the Netherlands)

  17. Olaf Thiele

    Hi Karl can you give me a hint what is new to you in the Metatrader 5 secure profits and there is already an automatic system for your info in advance many thanks. Best regards, Mr. Thiele

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hi Olaf

      I am not using MT5 for now. As soon as it gets enough benefits for me, I will learn everything about it and let you know!

  18. Nina Boysen

    Where I can see “SetForgetpattern” indicator? Thanks.

  19. Somlak Hoewiriyakul

    How can I download demo version of x scalper?

    I can’t find EA on the page.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      X Scalper is an indicator and not an EA. And there is no demo version. You have to order a copy in order to use it.

  20. Rizki

    Thanks a lot sir, i start trade from yesterday i just follow the
    rules, exactly i had more profit than before,

    SuperProfitScalping is recommended

  21. godfrey

    hi karl, I have been trading on Demo account with the rapid Trend gainer and i can say so far the result are realy good, I am about to start trading on live account and i am prepared to come back for more of your tools.

    Thank you

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hi Godfrey

      Its great to hear about your success. Good luck in your trading!

  22. Nisi

    Karl – I accidentally loaded the ASSISTANT before the FX PRO? and now it isn’t working – Is there a way to “UNDO” this?

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Just close the chart, open FX Atom Pro first and then load the Assistant.

  23. Vicente

    Hello karl.
    I have been using “5 STAR TRENDIG PROFIT” indicator for one week now in several currencies and I had excellent results.
    I traded only 4 hours and 1 day charts and won 783 pips.7 trades out of 8 won.
    “5 STAR TREND PROFIT ” seems to work perfectly.I will continue using it.

  24. ihat

    2 weeks testing the XScalper i can say it’s is the best indicator in the market and what you did here is a breakthrough

  25. Sundararaman

    I would like to give my opinion about Rapid Trend Gainer. It is a good indicator. I did not count the exact wins & loses but i did get lot of pips. Most of the time all 3 target profits gets hit. I am using in Daily Chart.

  26. RADEN


    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      They have a different signal logic, plus X Scalper has a special signal confirmation system. I don’t remember the exact launch dates, but X Scalper is newer.

  27. uyin

    I trade commodity not forex..what indi that suitable for scalping tf1M &tf5M?
    1. X scalper
    2.Infinity scalper
    3. Rapidgain
    4. SetForgetpattern
    5. Others

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      I recommend X Scalper. It is the newest and most up to dated tool.



        1. Karl Dittmann Post author

          Puoi usare X Scalper da solo e funzionerà alla grande. XScalper Assistant è un’opzione aggiuntiva che puoi
          salta o ordina. Dipende da te.

    2. Mainul

      I purchased FiboMachine. This is a very good indicator if used in right time as per Karl’s advice on user manual. I am a new trader. I like this indicator. Thanks Karl.

  28. boubekeur chabane

    Hi, I would like to give my opinion about the XScalper indicator, which is very powerful and very good. You just have to know how to use it, so it will allow you to earn many pips. I am still in practice to be able to use it better and make more profits. I also recommended the XScalper assistant. a very good tool.thanks

  29. abou samra

    fibo machine is the best indicator ever seen i recommend everybody to purchase it

  30. Sayed Mohd Shehab


    I have just brought the xscalper .. did have any scapling EA?

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      There is a semi-EA that takes trades if you allow it.
      Please email me if you want to know more about it.

      1. Ashton

        I as well would like to know more about the semi-EA. I have emailed you before, but never heard back.. Please advise

  31. Sifiso

    Hi Karl

    If it was not for your trading tools i would have given up trading Forex. I had lost $3000 when i started.
    As soon as i started using your trading tools i started seeing growth in my investment of $400 per week.
    my confidence is growing and i have decided to make a long term career of trading because of how well and simple
    Your trading tools are designed to help all traders, younger traders and experts.
    i am now able to determine the trend direction. long term and short with confidence.
    i am able to identify trend breakouts easily.

    Your trading tool have taught me discipline and patience,
    i never panic during market reversal and close a trade on a loss.
    This use to be my biggest weakness.

    Rapid Trend Gainer and MACD Trend candle V3 are my favorite so far.

    i am deeply grateful.
    Excellent trading tools.

    Keep up the GOOD work.

    Kind Regards
    South Afric

    1. MM Somtjato

      Alison, happy to hear good testimony I’m also in South Africa I want to try these products, I think they will help me to gain cofidence

  32. GEOFF

    hi karl
    thank you for your quick response to my earlier e-mail pips wizard pro and profit trade scanner are now reinstalled and working perfectly.
    I would also like to congratulate you for these terrific trading tools I have won 11 out of 12 trades using these tools and more than doubling my account balance in 3 trading sessions.
    once again thank you.
    best regards

  33. Mark Parker

    Hi Karl,
    I tested the Rapid Trend Gainer last night on three trades, all winners. Small loss this morning, with one still open. (That trade closed at the maximum TP level too). Four out of 5 winners on the simple test!
    Thank you for the information and your offer to help.

  34. Chelvi

    I am so glad that I purchased Rapid Trend Gainer and Turbo Trade Assistant.
    Both tools are fabulous and I have earn profit using them. All trades recommended by Turbo Trade Assistanrs are profitable except one so far since I have started using it since yesterday.

    First day – I made $195
    Today is second day and I have made $406

    Thank you for your support and I sincerely thank you for all your kind assistance and support.
    God Bless

      1. daniel daghash

        Hello karl , can you assist me please i am wondering which one i should get

        Xscalper or scalpdetector

        Thank you


    Hi karl,
    My name is Prateek and I am from india.
    I wanted to know which is the best indicators from so many you have created ,so that I can buy it.
    Also,I trade in commodity market in India .Will your softwares work in commodity markets as well.

  36. Allan Kinch

    Thank you Karl for taking the to followup after the sale and taking the time to check in and see how your product is working.

    I absolutely love it. Pip wizard pro along with the profit trade scanner really helps to filter out what the market is likely to do.

    I’m very happy with what I’m seeing so far; I had a a hope and a feeling your indicators would be a good investment, and it’s turning out I was right.

  37. Daren

    Hi Karl,

    Quick question regarding your Buy sell magic software. I have been backtesting and it looks fantastic. I would love to know if you have this in robot, ie buy / sell on the arrows and tp on the opposite arrow etc. I am really interested if you have this .

    Thank you in advance

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hi. There is no robot for it so far, but I will let you know if we create one.

  38. Rogelio

    Hi Karl,

    I downloaded successfully the infinity scalper and I’m satisfied with results. with in 2 days I made 100 pips in a few currency pairs. I made 10 dollars only because I trade micro pips only 10 cents per position because my account only 120 dollars.


  39. Anonymous

    Hi Karl,

    I downloaded successfully the infinity scalper and I’m satisfied with results. with in 2 days I made 100 pips in a few currency pairs. I made 10 dollars only because I trade micro pips only 10 cents per position because my account only 120 dollars.


    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hi Rogelio

      Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck and thanks for your feedback!

  40. fisayo

    I need to know which is best of this 3 scalping indicators . Hidden scalping code, super forex scalper and super profit scalper. Please hich is the best in result of these 3 indicators

  41. Mints

    Super Profit Scalper is the game changer….I made more than 400 pips today.i spent the whole day making cash without sweat only thanks to Karl .

    I highly recommend his products.

  42. Singer

    Dear Karl
    Today was my first day I had the INFINTY in combination with the
    PROFIT SCANNER run on my MT4 on all pairs recommended, 5M charts,
    from 09:00am to 11:00 est, (actually from after 10:00 as there was
    an important news report today) the times I plan to trade live.
    And it’s unbelievable, there was two valid setups on the EUR/JPY &
    GBP/JPY both went straight up + 40 pips until we got the Yellow bar.
    I will continue paper trading for now, to get the full confidence
    in the system, before I will trade live.
    Thank you

  43. Monica

    Infinity Scalper is an unbelievable tool! It literally takes away thinking from my decision making process when to buy or sell, I love especially when it tells you when is the optimal place to exit the trade, +75 Pips this morning. Can’t wait for the next London session! Thanks Karl and your amazing team!

  44. Gaia

    Hallo Mr Dittmann and Everybody,
    I just wanna say that your indicators are fabulous!!!
    I made finally after years great results thanks to them, I find the base settings the best solution for all tf, I wish that everbody may have the same happiness like me!!!
    Thank you so much, and happy forex to Everyone…

  45. Oem

    Dear Karl,
    I can not contact you by email, could you contact me back.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      My mailbox was full. Could you please send me email again?

  46. Phiroze Jamula

    I made my first trade of Euro USD using the FastFXProfits and I
    shorted EURUSD at 1.1417 of 1 standard lot and is now at 1.1360, a profit $ 585.

    Congrats to you for developing such a good product. Really amazing.


  47. Lavhesani

    Dear Karl

    I hope you are doing well,

    I really need to buy the best Trade indicator signal from you like, i have been making losses.
    if you have the best Trade indicator signal, please advise as to which indicator i can use and make my trading better.
    How much it cost and how long it takes for you to deliver the order.


    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      I will send you an email with reply.

  48. Anonymous

    Hi Mr.Karl

    I want to say few words about your indicator Disparity Index

    its the best indicator I have ever used in my life
    it help me too much with my strategy.

    really it is the best and amazing indicator which help me to know when the trend will finish and start new trend and it gives me another option for the second entry if I want to add.

    really I thank you and I thank your efforts on this .

    thanks brother.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Its amazing to know you liked it so much. I am very happy for you!

      1. Gigi

        Hi Karl,

        First of all thank you for your help to make me understand how Infinity Scalper works.
        Now I can say : the indicator go on wheels !
        So, with almost no effort, I trade successfully a few times per day.
        Now it is a pleasure to make some nice winning trades

        thank you again,


  49. Wandile

    Hello Karl, once again thank you. I installed Pips Wizard pro three days ago and you won’t believe how much profits I’ve already made. Thanks for your propmt response whenever I enquire, keep it up. Can’t wait for Monday to make money again with Pips Wizard Pro.

  50. Shyam

    > Hi Karl.
    > Thank you kindly for the tips.
    > ForexEnigma is working great.
    > Keep up the great work.
    > Kind regards.

    > Shyam

  51. Tim

    Hi Karl
    I have had the Set Forget Pattern indicator installed now for only three days.
    So far I have had 15 trades, 14 wins and only 1 loss, I am currently up 288 pips!! Truly amazing.
    Thank you so much for this incredible tool and also of course for your help and support.
    Best regards

  52. Philip H.

    Hi Karl,
    Yes, I have successfully installed the Fibo
    Machine Pro, and it is running very well.
    It also helps me to learn market price actions a lot very quickly.
    I’ve tried it on micro lots on Oanda live for a couple of days.
    In the begining I often got stopped out. Now I place TP first and wait a little bit then place SL after carefully waching market movements It is just to avoid getting stopped out in wild price swing, specially in ealiy major maket opening hours. I also remove SL temporarily before 5pm EST as the broker opens spread wide up to 10 pips or more. And I also try to close trade before
    5 pm Friday EST. Results seem to be getting better so far.
    I consider switching to your recommended US broker as well.
    I have tried many expesive EAs and Signals with some sucess and failurs.
    Nothing is better than your FIbo Machine. Now I can trade with more confidence. I feel like I own the same system that large banks & hedge funds are using at a fraction of costs.
    Last 10 trade results:9 win 1 loss. And I am getting better and smarter trade after trade with your Fibo Machine.
    Thank you so much for making this great machine. Karl, you are a genius!

    New Jersey, USA

  53. Jacob Kloosterziel

    Hello Karl,

    First of all thank you for your great support after I purchased the super profit scalper and the profit trade scanner. IOn my first day of trading i made over 68 pips with it and had 5 winning trades and 0 losses. An amazing result for a well priced piece of software..I can admit that following the rules is very important and use it when markets are Asian/London/ Usa session..These products are perfect for daytraders. I look forward to work with one of your products on the higher Timeframes..

  54. william

    Karl sorry about the late reply. I have downloaded all the applications and they are working great! My account is up 7.25% in 3 days. Im a very conservative trader, I trade only 2% of my account and wiyh the pips wizard pro, scalper and trade scanner I cherry pick the heck put of 5 currency pairs on the 5 and 15 min time frame. Thank you for creating these tools, when used with patience they work as advertised. Regards Bill

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Slow and steady wins the race William! Good luck!

  55. Sedat KILIC

    Hi Karl ,

    Thank you for your mail. I installed Pips Wizard Pro succesfully and everything is OK for now.
    First day profit 73 pips 🙂

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Those are some great results. Keep making more profit!

  56. Krisswat

    Your products are absolutely great. Now I try to understand how to use them better.
    I start use them for 3 day.
    I use profit trade scanner,pips wizard pro and fibomachinepro machine pro.
    My trade is only 0.1lot per order.
    My timeframe is 15min

    I got profit 100us per day. I think it’s work great because all my order are only 0.1lot.
    I can got more than that but my target is only 100us per day now.
    When I reach my target ,i am rest.Happy in trade and happy in life.
    Especially Fibomachinepro I love this product very much.
    When use it follow your advise I got safe target almost every trade.

    I decide to get your products with can use in tf5 and tf1 for my better trading system.
    And I will report my result again soon.

    Wish you have good health and happy every day.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you too! If you ever need any help, please feel free
      to email me: karl

  57. Muhammad

    Sir who is best these product ?please choice me seuperprofirtscalper is best or these product

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hey. Yes SuperProfitScalper is very good.

  58. Aron

    The combination of hidden scalper and fibo machine has a high accuracy especially in new york session. It works well on Indices especially the Nasdaq 100 which I used to trade. The indicator never repaint and you can check the history which is amazing. Just wait for the break of trendline once the signal alerted. My TP is just a reverse of the hidden scalper on m5.

  59. Moises

    hi Karl

    Thanks for the product, I have successfully downloaded it and installed it.
    What a wonderful product it is,
    it helps me execute better trades and already earn what I have paid for it within less than 25 hours. I hope I can master it more and get into bigger deals
    I knew that we can make money on forex trading we just need to know how and you just showed it to me

    Again thanks for sharing

  60. Alexandre

    Hi Karl,

    I’m getting amazing results with ForexEnigma. I’m following the strategy below:
    1) I check the trend using the SMA 100 and SMA 50 as you indicated.
    2) Then I wait for an input signal in the direction of the trend. But I hope to do a pullback and than I enter with a trade. The target are a TP (30 pips) and SL (10 pips).

    Thank you very much for the support…

  61. Luis Menera

    > Hi Karl,

    > it’s been 3 months since I’ve bought the buy sell trend detector
    > and so far it is my favorite indicator… I’ve now been consistent
    > with my winnings implementing the indicator with my support and
    > resistance strategy averaging 300 pips weekly. I just wanted to drop some words and thank you.
    > If you ever have a Webinar or tips on trading please inform me.

    > thanks

  62. Michael

    Hello Karl,
    I wanted to start off by thanking you for the free gift that you gave to your previous members. I chose the Fibo Machine Pro, and let me tell you, it has been working very well for me. I have been testing it with a live account for about three weeks now, and each week I am getting better results. I can’t thank you enough for giving us these indicators for free. I have been trading for over four years, and I can tell you honestly that this has to be one of the best indicators that I have ever used. I have always battled with fear of taking trades, and also the fear of staying in trades, but now that I have this indicator, I no longer have that fear. I really can’t thank you enough Karl. Can’t wait to try some of your other products. Take care Hope you are having a Happy New Year so far!



  63. Bode

    Karl i used your FIBO MACHINE PRO, and it was awesome, made 240 pips before my very eyes, you are indeed a great man. keep up the good works.

  64. Bob

    Karl: I’ve been using your FiboMachinePro indicator, and I have to tell you that it’s amazing. Now I can easily see the entry and exit levels much better than just guessing. This indicator takes the guesswork out of investing in Forex.
    Great job!

  65. Martyn Young

    Have received your your free Xmas gift 5 Star Trend Profit and it’s a great imdicator and improves on my original BuySell trend, this new indicator adds a confirmation on the next timeframe for example if a buy alert is on the 1 hour iand also displays the 4 hour trend and if both match then one can confidently trade with confidence

    The take profit and stop loss not only appears on the alert box but also on the main screen ……..thank you Karl

  66. Elwalid Adam

    Hello Sir .. first .. thank you a 1,000,000,000 time for the best indicators in the world .. i cant wait tell market get stable to take as much as i could of pips from it. i m using fibo machine pro . and forex enigma

  67. Vardhan

    My Dear special advisior,

    You have the great big heart, why because of your fibo nacee mechine is very great full and amigning reselts my own expreiance .it is enough for the forex trading entair Really is great and amminging software. if any body who get loss of in forex , it takeor buy get good and amiging profits.

    1. Omo Add

      Hi, I have red a lot of positive feedback regarding your indicators and I wish to be part of testimony and success. Please which one is the best for forex Trading between Pro Wizard pips and Buy Sell trends detector?

  68. Anthony

    Karl,wish u a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2017 !!!
    > In the first week of Dec 2016 i had purchased from you PIPS WIZARD
    > PRO and in the month of Dec 2016 i
    > tried to follow it and ended me in profit of $ 4025.Thanks for your
    > great work.This indicator has the
    > capacity to eradicate unemployment as people can trade from home and earn their livelyhood.
    > Thanks n Rgds,
    > Anthony

  69. Bram

    Hi Karl

    Bought some combination products from you. It was amazing especially Hidden Scalping Code. Is there any possibility that you will combine your products in the future ? Or any chance to develop the Forex EA using these indicators ?

    Happy New Year 2017 !!

  70. atif

    Dear Karl
    happy new year, thanks for your Christmas gift. i wish for fibo machine pro and i have it. it is amazing indicator that really really works.
    you are noble and kind heart person. once again thanks.

  71. San


    Your Pips Wizard Pro and Hidden Scalping Code are amazing indicators! It was an awesome combination of both. I had gain hundreds of pips with it. Plus, with the assistant of Profit Trade Scanner which is also another awesome indicator from you, had assisted me to avoid countless losing trades and help me to trade those high probability winning trades. It also shown me the trend direction in each pair, I could not manually analysis so many pairs at the same time, this is where Profit Trade Scanner comes in, it already analysis all for you.
    Profit Trade Scanner also assisted me with my other trading indicators and strategies as well. It is very easy to use, just follow the instruction. Profit Trade Scanner is a must tool for anyone serious in trading. I highly recommended it!

    Thank you, Karl and team, for creating all these amazing indicators to help traders around the world. I appreciate in what you and your team had done. Keep it up!

  72. Ken

    > Dear karl
    > Fibo machine pro i just use it for one week . It gave me with
    > amazing signals , it great!!! I like it . Thank you Karl for awesome indicator.
    > Merry Christmas
    > Ken

  73. P.G. Lohr

    hi karl ,
     i wish  you also a fantastic Christmas and a super  2017.
    i  also wanna let know the pip wizard pro works fine .  it would be
    awesome if it worked also on a 5 min or 10 min time frame  ))

  74. Ian Critchley

    Hello Karl

    Many thanks for sending my Christmas gift-the Fibo Machine Pro so quickly.Being almost computer illiterate I dread ever having to download anything onto my laptop but your instructions are very clear and having taken my time everything downloaded and much to my amazement after restarting my MT4 platform the indicator was there on my screen looking beautiful. My resident computer expert i.e. my 14 year old son was on standby but happily his talents were not needed.I had already made a conscious decision not to trade until the new year but once I do I will let you know how I get on.Many thanks for all your help and kindness Karl- best wishes for a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to you your family and the rest of the team

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you very much Ian

      I recommend you trade on a demo account for these days just to learn a little bit!

  75. Kenneth

    Dear Karl,

    Thank your for your email and for the additional tips.The “Fast FX Profit” I purchased yesterday is working so amazingly. I was a bit skeptical at first and wanted to try it first on my demo account and see the results pasted below, I couldn’t believe the turn around in my trading performance. Though I have been losing money trading Forex, quitting is never an option for me, I knew it was a matter of time before I landed a solution to put a stop to my losing spree and I believe your “Fast FX Profit” will be a game changer for me. Day one of trying it on my demo hit 83% success rate and this will certainly improve as I master the three strategies, tips and Technics.

    Thank you so much Karl for the job well done on this.

    Stay blessed

    # Asset Type Date/Expiration time Investment Net profit, $
    1 EUR/USD put 22.12.2016 08:34:00 154.00 138.60
    2 AUD/USD put 22.12.2016 08:38:00 161.00 -161.00
    3 AUD/USD call 22.12.2016 08:38:00 145.00 130.50
    4 GBP/AUD call 22.12.2016 08:59:00 154.00 130.90
    5 EUR/USD put 22.12.2016 09:12:00 161.00 144.90
    6 EUR/USD call 22.12.2016 09:18:00 168.00 151.20
    7 EUR/USD call 22.12.2016 10:34:00 175.00 -175.00
    8 EUR/USD put 22.12.2016 10:34:00 158.00 -158.00
    9 USD/TRY put 22.12.2016 10:39:00 161.00 138.46
    10 AUD/USD put 22.12.2016 10:43:00 168.00 151.20
    11 EUR/GBP put 22.12.2016 10:47:00 175.00 -175.00
    12 EUR/GBP call 22.12.2016 10:47:00 151.00 129.86
    13 AUD/JPY call 22.12.2016 10:56:00 175.00 -175.00
    14 CHF/JPY put 22.12.2016 10:56:00 175.00 150.50
    15 AUD/JPY put 22.12.2016 10:56:00 154.00 135.52
    16 CHF/JPY put 22.12.2016 10:57:00 175.00 150.50
    17 USD/SEK call 22.12.2016 11:00:00 183.00 155.55
    18 EUR/USD call 22.12.2016 15:29:00 191.00 171.90
    19 EUR/USD call 22.12.2016 15:36:00 208.00 187.20
    20 AUD/USD put 22.12.2016 15:45:00 211.00 189.90
    21 EUR/USD call 22.12.2016 15:58:00 221.00 198.90
    22 USD/JPY put 22.12.2016 15:58:00 221.00 198.90
    23 USD/JPY put 22.12.2016 15:58:00 221.00 198.90
    24 EUR/USD call 22.12.2016 15:58:00 221.00 198.90
    25 USD/JPY put 22.12.2016 16:04:00 263.00 236.70
    26 USD/JPY call 22.12.2016 16:21:00 275.00 247.50
    27 AUD/USD put 22.12.2016 16:18:00 275.00 247.50
    28 USD/JPY call 22.12.2016 16:21:00 250.00 225.00
    29 AUD/USD put 22.12.2016 16:49:00 314.00 -314.00
    30 AUD/USD call 22.12.2016 16:49:00 283.00 254.70
    31 USD/JPY call 22.12.2016 17:15:00 314.00 282.60
    32 GBP/CAD put 22.12.2016 17:15:00 314.00 266.90
    33 EUR/USD call 22.12.2016 17:28:00 328.00 295.20
    34 GBP/CAD call 22.12.2016 17:33:00 358.00 304.30
    35 GBP/CAD call 22.12.2016 17:47:00 210.00 178.50

  76. Davey

    Today I was given a copy of Fibo machine pro as an Xmas gift, ater buying numerous indicators that were basically awaste of time and money I decided to try Fibo Machine, OK I admit I’m typical male and don’t read the instructions fully before starting but on this occassion I did and found it very easy to install.

    Normally the sellers tell you to test it first on a demo account, however, It may just be me but I find demo accounts unreliable, so instead I use a Micro Account, that way it’s real time trading and in the event you lose a trade it’s only cents that you lose instead of dollars, but, at least your getting the benefit of real time trading.

    I loaded the Fibo Machine onto the Eur/USD 1hr chart and after entering the code to activate it, hey presto it was up and running, I cannot emphaisise how simple it was to set up.

    It took around 35 minutes for an alert and I duly placed the trade using the prices in the alert, being cautious despite only risking cents I opted for the Safe TP however after a while I admit I changed it to Aggressive TP, after around 1 12 hrs there was another alert to say the Safe TP had been reached, so I decided to leave things for a while then change the recommended Stop loss to the Safe TP, at least that way if the market changed I still had a profit to collect. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that even the Aggressive TP was reached a little later, I also tried it on different currency pairs and unbelievably everyone of them brought in winning trades.

    I know it’s early days but if today is anything to go by then I can only recommend Fibo Machine Pro with a 10 out of 10

    Very easy to install
    Very easy to understand
    Very reliable

    My faith in Indicators has definitely been restored so a big Thank You to Karl Dittmann for creating this first class indicator.

    I will return frequently to update everyone on my progress 🙂

  77. Raymund Oclarit

    Hi Karl,

    I want to wish you also a Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year.
    And I want to thank you for giving a gift on this yuletide season. I would
    like to receive your powerful Fibonacci Indicator. I’m very excited to use
    I would like to take this opportunity also to thank you for the Buy/Sell
    Trend Detector which I have purchased a few months ago. Though I use it in
    binary options trading, it seriously gives me more winning trades. A
    trading system that truly works.
    More power and God bless.

    Sincerely yours,


  78. Emad Hashim

    Thanks alot for Fibo Machine Pro Indicator,, from first time… I downloaded …it works great for me….. on Live account….really it’s amazing,,,,, great job….

      1. Abdi Hakim-West London

        Thanks to Karl Dittmann . I did receive “FIBO MACHINE PRO” It’s easy and quick download. I straight placed with live Forex trade on 30 MIN charts and I comfortably made profits. It’s extremely reliable and very suit software. I just like it every day and obviously it will help me for many years to come.

  79. fatai

    Thank you very much for letting me have access to your Christmas gift the fibo machine pro is working fine once again thank you very much.

  80. Dean

    Hi Karl,

    I can’t get through the email address. I will have to get to you through here 🙂

    The fibo machine pro looks good. I would like to receive this as a gift please.

    Thank you again.

    Wishing you guys a wonderful holidays.


  81. Joseph Saw

    Just recently purchased Pips Wizard Pro, it has been amazing! Currently still testing different settings but I can already see great potential! Thank you!

    1. mehmet

      Hello Mr. Dittmann;
      About your “Christmas Gift from Karl: Take Any 1 of These 3 Forex Products as a GIFT!” mails. Unfortunatelly my replies don’t go to your mail adresse İt’s back turning as “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:” To your attention.Sincerely.

      Technical details of permanent failure

      1. mehmet

        Mr. Dittmann;
        Gift mail problem still contınous. You sent again mail, but I couldn’t reply. My reply mail was:
        “Dear Karl Dittmann;
        All of your three gifts are similarless. Thanks a lot. I can’t decide which one is best for me. You can gift your work:
        I wish for you and all humans from GOD for allways best wishes and mercy for endless life.
        Sincerely. “

  82. Bob Gruhl

    Hi Carl: I tried to contact you to receive one of the Christmas gifts that you’re offering, but the email bounced back.
    Is something wrong with your server? Bob

  83. Anthony Kilgore

    GOOD morning Karl man I have already made 60 pips on the euro us and I ended up using a 15min a d an hour chart to determine my trend and it’s selling now I’m so happy I didn’t listen to those haters because you didn’t scam me I just sply follow tour imstrictions with the little knowledge I have and how I understand the market and pit sbey thing together so I must tell you THANKS so much for even making this indicator available to us as traders this alone will pit me in full time trading in a little while Thanks again  Anthony Kilgore 

  84. Rita

    Dear Karl

    I just bought your indicator Fibo Machine Pro…my trades on 16th Dec 2016 profited me close to $800sgd at the end of that day. I have never reached that kind of profits before and that too all in one day. And best of all it was so easy and user friendly…I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my have made my trades become so easy and fast…

    I am definitely going to look into your othe products starting with the Wizard Pro..

    Once again thank you so much.


    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Awesome profit! Good luck in your trading… You will really like Pips Wizard Pro!

  85. KRH

    I like to use Karl’s Hidden Scalper and Profit Scanner on the 5 minute chart. Works really well with the big movers like GBPJPY and GBPUSD. Netted 200 pips today.

  86. Alberto

    I ordered Pip Wizard Pro and Profit Trade Scanner recently.
    Just installed them both and they are working very nicely.
    I love the Profit Trade Scanner.
    It keeps me discipline and eliminate subjectivity out of trading.
    PTS is pure gold!
    Thanks to you Karl and your team.


    Bonjour M. Dittmann,
    Je suis à la recherche du indicateur ou sytème de trading d’utilisation simple. En effet, je n’ai pas beaucoup de temps pour trader et il faut que je trouve un système qui s’adapte aux différents créneaux horaires dont je dispose pour le trade. Du coup, le swing trading et le day trading sont à bannir. Il ne me reste plus que le scalping. Mais le scalping est très dur et je perds plus que je ne gagne. En cherchant sur le net, je suis tombé sur votre indicateur Hidden Scalping Code qui serait idéal pour moi. Mais je ne vous connait pas et toutes les vidéos que j’ai trouvé sur cet indicateur sont en anglais. Du coup, pouvez-vous me faire parvenir un lien pour une vidéo en français ?
    Si vous avez d’autres suggestions d’indicateurs, n’hésitez pas à me le faire savoir.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hey, I will write you an email. Sorry I don’t know French. Google translate will help us 🙂

  88. gil

    Hello I live in France. I have just downloaded Hidden Scalping Code. I just read the PDF I am very confident but as I start with this indicator (I know well the trading and the forex in real) I allow myself to ask you if you have other indicators On graphs with SCALPING.
    My research was on a DASHBOARD that would have highlighted the most profitable forex pairs to trade. HAVE YOU THIS ??????
    Have a good day

    Bonjour Je vis en France . Je viens de télécharger Hidden Scalping Code .Je viens de lire le PDF Je suis très confiant mais comme je débute avec cet indicateur ( je connais bien le trading et le forex en réel ) je me permets de vous demande si vous avez d’autres indicateurs sur les graphes avec SCALPING .
    Ma recherche portait sur un DASHBOARD qui aurait mis en évidence les paires de forex les plus rentables à trader AVEZ VOUS CELA ??????
    Bonne journée

  89. Simon

    I am so happy for the hidden scalping code that is the best indicator that i have ever seen. I just installed it few hours ago and i made a lot of profit.THANK YOU VERY MUCH for suggesting this indicator.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hi Simon!

      Its amazing to hear this! I hope you make even more profit!

  90. Aron

    Thanks Karl for developing the Hidden Scalping Method indicator. It is amazing and the best indicator I ever had . It works well in New York session. It is a very simple and easy to use.

  91. david

    Hi Karl,

    > Trade with Hidden Scalping Code It’s a great experience. Never scalping are be more easy!

    > I’m trade EUR/USD in 5mn charts, it’s 3/4 trades a day whit 0,50/1% profit a day in my balance.

    > A lot of winners of 10/20 pips, and two big winners of 70/80 pips in only 2 weeks.

    > And the most important is the confidence you feel when you take a trade signal.

    > Thank’s a lot Karl.

    > Kinds regards.

    > David

  92. Juhl

    Hello, I work 8-5 Monday through Friday in the usa, what system would be best for me? Just had a baby this year…thanks.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author


      I will send you an email with a recommendation!

      Congratulations on your baby 🙂


  93. dominique lefaivre

    I will not be long but honest and happy for what trend visualizer brought to me. Today with the eur interest rate the 20.10.16 and all the news on the GBP & US session I was glad to have this trend tool. I am clearly in profit with it. Thank so much Karl to have thought about me.

  94. chakrradar

    Dear sir, why are not published about FAST FX PRIFITS, system , in the web site is it ok or faild, pls and how meny accounts can we use this system we have several accounts , is this have take profit stop loss trailling stop?

  95. Nellson Maisin

    Hello Karl and fellow traders,

    Thanks for the Fast FX Profit strategy. A very simple and profitable trading technique. I just used it in less than 2 weeks and the result is really amazing. Adding Bollinger Bands in the chart would help to identify a more reliable setup. Happy trading and God bless everyone. 🙂

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Thank you very much Nellson. I am extremely happy that you like it! 🙂

  96. Hamad Salah

    Dear Karl,

    Thanks a lot for all information you sent me all the advice you gave. It’s very useful and it helps me a lot in my trading! I really appreciate all of it and I hope to get more knowledge about it. Thank you so much for everything!

  97. jean

    hi it was a blessing to meet karldimann teem .i spend years to look for a strategy that works in the market system.finally,the teem sent me the trend line strategy its a great tools and i am comfortable with a part time trader i made 1 or 2 per day end they re all profitable at least 300 pips in a daly basis .thanks guys

  98. Tony B

    must say your Fast FX Profit system is one of the best forex products I have ever
    purchased. the system/strategy is easy to implement and works great
    on the daily chart. I have already gained in excess of 200 pips in a
    week, on one trade. my last trade was the GBP/USD buy order this week

  99. Ras

    Hi Karl,

    Thank you for your follow up emails, very much appreciated.

    I have downloaded the product and I will be honest, since I started trying to trade I have learnt a lot. Support & Resistance, trend-lines, fibonacci, elliot wave etc. Only problem was, I entering too late or too early on most occasions.

    So pretty much I was missing one more ingredient, that is confidently picking the right reversal points only to see the market continue or reverse earlier than expected.

    I have spent thousands of Dollars on Systems, indicators etc, A few were worth the money. I have to be honest, I did learn a lot but was still missing a piece of the puzzle to where I can be successful.

    Also there were those that were just, well lets say pretty crap. So instead of helping with trading I was wasting time and money learning system after system, strategy after strategy and getting nowhere.

    Fast FX Profit was the missing ingredient. I have gone back through my charts, back-tested, put a few practice trades and it works. This is probably the cheapest product I have purchased, but by far the most valuable.

    Can’t wait to screenshot some of my trades and update you on my progress.

    Thanks Karl, your a legend!!!



  100. anto

    Hi Karl,

    Thanks for your help
    I think ” SuperTrend ” is so simple indicator and powerfull
    We must do just ” Believe n discipline ” follow color SuperTrend


  101. Henry

    Hi Karl ,
    I use The Buy/Sell Trend Detector aggressive mode (M30) (M15) in
    conjunction with Renko(M2) and the results are amazing.
    Trend Detector on its own is spectacular .
    Well done you ..

  102. Thushara Herath

    Thanks karl I like your forex enigma indicator. Excellent indicator. A+++++

  103. Traderbot

    Just activated my 5 star trend profit indicator. Still on my testing stage. Used it on binary options placing 3 trades, all wins! Thanks Karl for answering all my non stop emails! It shows you are sincere on helping others with your products. All the best!

  104. Wisnu

    “5 Star Trend Profit” really advantageous in my life today. Only
    this time I find that really an accurate indicator … I am very grateful to you karl

  105. VENU M

    I have an indicator similar to FOREX SCALPER, this repaints, what about Forex Enigma does it repaint??

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hey it never repaints. Our system doesn’t allow demos =/

  106. Lindsay Dowding

    Hi Karl.
    I downloaded the 5 Star Trend Profit program yesterday and immediately entered two trades when indicated. On GBPUSD I made 138 pips, and on GBPJPY I made 235 pips. I have purchased two previous programs from you, and they worked for me, but this one is the best I have come across, and lets me let the trade run longer. I have been trading since 2005 and trading forex since 2010. I have tried dozens of systems, costing many thousands of dollars. Results have been varied. This program is exactly what I have been looking for, and yesterdays trades are testimony that it works. I like the alarms to alert me of entries and changes of direction. In the past one of my biggest downfalls was in getting out of a trade too soon. These indicators give me the confidence to let a trade run. Thank you for this program Karl. I think I am qualified to say it is very good value.
    Lindsay Dowding

  107. Surajudeen

    Hello Karl,

    I came accross your new product, I mean “Pips Cannon” and became so much interested in it. I live in Nigeria but the Click Bank which you use as your payment gateway for this product does not support Nigeria. Please, kindly help me out. I really need to get my hands on this indicator. I am earnestly awaiting your swift response. Thanks a lot. You can reply me directly to my inbox so that I can easily find your response.

  108. gibson

    dear karl
    i want to ask how do one be your member because i intend to invest big time in forex thanks

  109. jayprakash

    my dear sir.
    i realy sallute to youyou are the master in forex
    please continue the same for newcomer in forex
    i wish happy, healthy ahd long life

  110. Takalani

    Hi Karl

    I would like to buy the 1oo Profit Set and Forget Strategy. I have seen there is a AutoFibonacci phenomenon. What is the Autofibo indicator for or it is a combination between the Strategy and this indicator?

    What is that is needed for me to start trading with this strategy.

    What is the different between AutoFibo and AutoPhenomenon?



  111. Rossaifuddin

    Dear Karl,
    l really appreciate and thank you for a GOOD indicator.
    Hope you can continue improve your system. you have excellence product.

  112. Gede Agus Setyadi

    Thank’s for the science, I hope very helpfull in trading Forex.

  113. hassan m babatunde

    pls karl ave failed a lot in forex to the extent that now i have almost nothin on me.i’l be much greatful if can help me out.

  114. Dheeraj

    Karl, in some websites i found complinta againt you and u r produts including 100% money back. can you please clarify that?

  115. Sulung Pratama

    Thanks for teaching me how to trade in forex ….I allways wait other information…once again thanks so lots for all….

  116. mohsen

    thank you have sent me very usefull information.and thank you for your products.i wish the best for you and your family . by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR (2012).BEST WISHES. mohsen

  117. endainside

    Dear Karl.
    I really appreciate and thank you. yesterday I bought the forex magic and you know it’s very good. then I buy your product again, Price Action Scalping, then I use both, of course according to your instructions. hmm the system very fantastic, very easy, and very potencial. profits have come to me. thank you Karl and team.


  118. emmanuel okiyi

    karl, your systems are wonderful and it will be wrong for me not to tell it as it is. today i made 200 pips on aud/usd and i am excited about it. i encourage who ever that is reading this to save money and buy buysellmagic before even funding your live account with any broker. it singular product has moved my account to the next level. thank you karl.

  119. jojo

    thanks karl..i like your freebie indicators..its so easy to use and usefull to me..if you have a new product,you can send your new info to my email..i will looking into that..thanks again

  120. Abiodun

    Your sincerity and commitment to help fellow traders baffles me.
    I can’t thank you enough for your software which has revolutionized my trading.

  121. Ali Yusup

    Uncle Karl,

    Thank you for this SUPER BUY SEL PROFIT indicator, I have just got 140 pips on sell EU on 17 October. I have tried alot of indicators that always gave me negative returned.
    Now I feel more confidence and peace of mind in collecting pips. I will try on other pairs. Thank you for the excellence indicator.

    Thank you again.


    Ali Yusup

  122. manoharan

    dear karl,
    thanx to bring good news for trader..i like to make business with you in future..This looks like a great winners website.
    Thank you very much for all your help

  123. ichan

    Dear Karl,
    Its incredible, your promt response in guidance and trading tips have been valueable to me. And You are helping someone who has never purchased any of your product so far. It only confirms the saying that ‘ NUMBER OF GOOD PEOPLE ARE STILL MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF BAD ONES’ God Almighty bless you.




  125. jayjoy

    good day,

    thanx to bring good news for trader..i like to make business with you in future..

  126. Jaya

    I had purchased super profit indicator,you just see the stoploss it gives in 5mins or 15mins timeframe – sometimes 5pips to 10pips. Iam asking you – is it fair for the above said timeframe, that much stoploss. Moreover,the alert indicator cannot be disabled – wrote so many emails – still the problem is unsolved from your end – Post service is very poor from your end. Hope after reading this comment – you would solve my problem.

  127. Khuong Le

    HI Karl,
    Thanks alot for your efficient effort as always

    Khuong (from Vietnam)

  128. jeanny

    dear karl….Thanks for the indicator…its helpfull..I will keep you informed.
    Jeanny, Indonesia

  129. tushar imam

    Dear karl thanks for your support.God bless you…………

  130. raghuraman GT

    Dear karl thanks for your support.God bless you

  131. hafifi

    please dont sold out your product.i love your product.i student this year.i not enough money to buy your product.please understand me.

  132. Lucy


    Thank you for the indicators!They are really amazing and helpful!

    All the best!


  133. Mark P

    Hi Karl,
    I tried what you said with the Autotrend system on the last 6 hrs of trading last night and had more wins than losses with a profit of about 40 pips.
    I will keep trying it on my demo account for a week or 2 then try it on a real account.
    It looks like it just might work, very excited as there are so many systems out there that just lose money. I will keep you informed.

  134. Aslam

    Hello there Karl,

    I known and followed you over the years.Bought and tried a lot of your products and freebies, which were all simple to use and effective, unlike most of the others. You have been prompt in replying to any questions asked and helpful to newbies like me, who have learnt from you and the information given by you.

    I am intrigued and want to try your latest product the Auto Trade Indicator and check it out. Best Wishes and regards to you.


  135. sachin rathod

    [b]and which is best for me buy and sell aerrow indicator or Scalping Indicator so let me guide which one is best and good for me, i m just beginer and student so dont have money to lose and dont have much money to invest..[/b]

  136. sachin rathod

    hello respected sir i dont know much more about forex so please tell me which is best product for me to trade?? indicator? or any robot or any thing else please guide me and contact me i will buy your product thanks..

  137. Mak Asif

    Thank you very much for your help
    You know what you are doing in the
    financial world and helping the beginners
    when they need help, you are there for them.

  138. Hector L Cordero

    I bought the BuySellMagic Program but I do not see how to get it after I bought it. In your Blog you had a full list but did not see this Buysellmagic software.

  139. ram

    hi karl,i m using m1 timeframe in fx pulp trade station and then send the best new forex ea,indicators u have.i loved ur products and send ur new products information in my mail and eagerly waiting for ur reply i will buy ur products very much soon

  140. BILL


  141. Kalpesh patel,

    Hi! karl, i am intrested in ur super scapler indicator and for that i mail u lots of time but still i didn`t get reply from your side,, i have caride card to pay you payment of your indicators super scalper.. so tell me how i got this indicators ??? reply as soon as possbile……it`s v……….urgent…i mailed you my cell number aslo so if possible today ….i want it today and if possible a trial for a day it`s much better `cos i have 70 clients so i can show them and order you in bulk,,, so reply as soon as possible.. i m form india/…

  142. Miles Davis

    Well Karl, you seem to have pulled this out of the bag, what an amazing indicator, I put the version 2 on to my chart this morning on GBP-USD and pulled in 110 pips. On EUR-USD also 89 pips so it paid for it self on day one. Its a free ride now for the indicator and just to follow the simple system of place stop here sell here, bank pips

    All the best


  143. hugh heath

    Hi Karl .I really enjoy the three products i have from you. they are extremely accurate, and do exactly as you said they would.
    one question please about the trend -flat indicator.I am using your

    instant profit forex,1minute and 5minute time frame to trade.
    in order to tell if the market is flat on the trend -flat indicator,do i just look at the 30m time frame alone or do i look at 1m 5m 15m and 3m time frames.? thanks. Hugh

  144. Munch

    Hi Karl,

    Your Buy Sell indicator gave me a trade signal yesterday Monday 13th December at 10 am on Eur Usd. Am still in the trade with a 250 pip profit on the first trade. Very impressed


    Its incredible that you had along list of FX trading software,indicators available.Which 3 products ,you may recommend to me,the highest success winning rate and big profits in short term,let says 3months.
    Thank you.

  146. NAGARAJ

    Hi Mr Karl,

    Thankyou for your list of trading system.I will be in touch.


  147. Benz

    I am from US – in using your tools, can you recommend some brokers that I could use in terms of compatibility, least spread, easy account withdrawals, etc…

  148. manasseh ibrahim tigye

    hi, mr karl i have just bougth your super profit forex indicator, let me try it profitability and i will get back to you.

  149. Wade

    Hi Karl,

    I have been chewed up and spit out by many sharks in the forex ocean. However, I have noticed that you along with 2 other people seem to have a genuine desire to help us small fry forex traders of the world become better traders. For that I genuinely thank you. You shall have my unwavering support from this moment forward. God Bless you and what you do to help people.

  150. Hamid Sattarov

    Dear Carl! You have a very noble and good heart. With the help of indicators which you gave me, I was earning! However, while little money but still very nice! Hopefully in the future be able to earn more money and be sure to buy all your software that you have released to facilitate the work of traders! While I was a beginner and so I can not boast of contents of my purse! Actually, I liked your indicators for trading systems of MT! They are very simple and understandable for any trader! May God grant you health and longevity! That you are always able to help people! At the end of his letter, would like to thank you and ask what your product you would have me recommend, would be for a quick and profitable work on the MT FOREX? with respect, Hamid Sattarov, Uzbekistan / Tashkent

  151. Star

    I am currently testing the EUR BOT. You guys should use the Trend flat indicator in conjunction with the Instant Profit Forex its a BOMB.

    CHEERS!!! Karlie

  152. Star

    Hey Lavish,

    Che out the Instant forex profit works the best. Cheers Karl. Good Work. I have tried almost all his products.

  153. noah

    Dear Sir,

    1st of all tqvm sir!!!! do really need ur assistance…never thought this..great,great n great…really grateful 2 u..hope could liaise to u always…tq

  154. Gabriel

    Thanks Kirl. Which of your system can you recommend for an inter day trader
    like me? You have a great work and you look genuine and honest.

  155. FAIRUL

    hi,karl!i would like to give it a try with your buy/sell signal alert system…looking forward to trade with your system,thanks!

  156. Morris Fostrey

    Karl…Was a little suprised at your advice in the manual re. only taking one trade every hour. If a person were to only trade the
    early morning hours that would mean 2 – 3 trades per day maximum.
    Did I misunderstand something? By the way, I enjoy your marketing
    demeanor. Your photo presents you more as an ‘Uncle Karl’ kind of
    person vs. the normal hot-shot, wheeler dealer. I like it personally. Your quick email response to my downloading problems was a good sign too. You mean what you say.

  157. Morris Fostrey

    Karl…It was a refreshing change to view your site. I downloaded the Moving Average and MACD info. They are already busy posting
    profits to my account. The Scalping program was always of interest
    when I started learning Forex about a year ago. I had no system
    however and it became a zoo. So I ordered yours today. I will
    give you feedback on its success.
    Thanks again. Thirty years of experience on your side can be
    a great advantage on my side.

  158. kizitoi

    Hi karl, i have gotten all the links you sent and all i can say is thanks a million


  159. pretend play toys

    oh cool, this information is really useful and definately is comment worthy! hehe. I’ll see if I can try to use some of this information for my own blog. Thanks!

  160. cy

    Mr. Karl,
    I have seen the link to easy trade using forex hidden secret manual service and signal to buy or sell.

    good work done.


  161. WLR

    Many thanks for your freebies , a refreshing change from the scams that still dominate Forex

  162. Murugu

    Dear Mr.Karl

    I have been in Forex market for the last 9 months.
    I have searched and tried many methods, stratagies, systems.
    But when I come across your website and started to
    use your advices, I now see difference in my trading.
    I thank you from my heart.


  163. Victor

    Thank you for all the help you are offering. I will be trying the EA next week & keep you informed of its profitability so all your other members can use it.
    Thanks a lot. Kind Regards

    1. Gloria

      I need automatic daily trading system. Do u have something like that?


    Karl my special regard to you for job well done I will like the 5minutes to 4hours formular my system fail to download hence I love to have it again. Thanks.

  165. Stanley

    Hi Karl,
    Thanks for making members trading easier and rewarding. You are the best and may God bless you.

  166. Jim Briz

    Thanks Karl for helping me get my Visa card/order accepted. I would also be very interested in the right combination of software tools that would work on an (semi-)automated basis & work well between 5 to 30mins trades.

  167. daniel

    ok i got the details of your list am now feeding my mind and thoughts with it.

    thanks alot again.

  168. gary damp

    You seem genuine in a world of scharks. I like the buy sell sginal, simple and effective. Its nice to see someone genuine in this game of ools. Good luck. Gary

  169. kizitoi

    Thanks karl you are the best i also would like to know the combination that would be the best for between 5 to 30min time frame.

  170. kizito

    Thanks karl you are the best i also would like to know the combination that would be the best for between 5 to 30min time frame.


  171. kizito

    Thanks karl u are the best i would like to know too the combination that would work well for between 5 to 30mins trade


  172. HjMahmood

    Dear Karl,

    Thanks for your help, however are you have your own good autotrade robot that guarantee make profit for me and new members


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    what combination of your products will work best on a 5-30 min time frame?


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