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PPR and Engulfing Indicator

Dear Traders! Introducing the PPR and Engulfing Indicator – a powerful tool for identifying potential trend reversals and continuations in the currency markets. Key Features: Detects PPR (Peak Price Reversal) patterns at significant market turning points Identifies Engulfing patterns, strong indicators of trend reversals Provides clear visual buy and sell signals with green and red… Read More »

PZ ABCD Retracement Indicator for MT4

Introducing the PZ ABCD Retracement Indicator for MT4 – a powerful tool that automatically identifies ABCD chart patterns and offers trading signals as arrows. This indicator is highly flexible, allowing customizable wave ratios to suit your trading preferences. Designed for both beginners and pros, the indicator is user-friendly. New traders can spot patterns easily, while… Read More »

Your Free Trading Tool: Awesome Oscillator Indicator

Enter the thrilling realm of forex trading with “Awesome Oscillator Indicator” (AO), a 100% FREE MT4 momentum indicator that monitors price-action changes, reveals market momentums, and delivers captivating trend reversal signals. Beyond trend signals, “Awesome Oscillator Indicator” exposes the strength and weakness of market momentum, empowering traders to make informed decisions for both entry and… Read More »

Start Making More Profitable Trades in No Time

Dear Trader! Looking for a powerful tool to improve your Forex trading results? Look no further than the Forex Scalping Indicator! This innovative indicator is designed to help traders identify short-term price movements in the Forex market, allowing them to quickly enter and exit trades for maximum profit potential. With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly… Read More »

100% Free: ”DayWeekHL” Indicator

Dear Trader! Today I want to share with you an amazing MT4 Indicator that I’ve been using lately to trade daily and weekly price breakouts. This simple tool displays the previous weekly high and low price + previous daily high and low price. The indicator plots the H-L levels directly on the trading chart for… Read More »

Forex Scalping – Good or bad Idea?

Why is scalping in Forex so popular? Scalping is a very popular trading style for many traders. It promotes fast trading, meaning, as soon as a rather small target profit is reached – you must exit the trade. Scalping can be a very powerful trading style for those who know how to do it properly.… Read More »

Free Best Scalping Indicator

Here is favorit (from free indicators) Free Scalping Indicator for M1 and M5 timeframes. The indicator is very simple to use – plug and play. Download and try it, it’s free. Karl Dittmann