Karl Dittmann Scam ?

By | August 1, 2010

Dear Friends.

I will appreciate if you post your comments to this post:
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my free staff: ebooks, indicators.. etc? What do you think about my support service?
Please post your opinion – it is very important to me!

Thank you very much for your support!
Karl Dittmann

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571 thoughts on “Karl Dittmann Scam ?

  1. Karl Dittmann Post author

    Thanks a lot guys! Your feedback is an inspiration!

  2. JODY

    I should also add that Karl Dittmann himself said in a email directly to me that, This new indicator is honestly fantastic results not just a marketing .

  3. James Banfield

    The Fibo Machine Pro has been excellent. It has increased my successful trades by 25% and I am still learning how to use it.

    So I expect to have more successful trades in the future.

    Thank you

  4. Michael Easterbrook

    Dear Karl,

    I find your Enigma indicator an inspiration. I overlay it with a 3 and 10 period exponential moving average
    and at a 3 over 10 crossover, it pre-empts your software by a few candles, giving you a heads up for both
    entries and exits, this can equate to a further 5 plus pips, but its your well thought out algorithm that keeps
    me in the trade longer capturing more pips. I too, am a big GBP/JPY fan and was able to capture some
    200 pips on Tuesday, May 24, thanks to Enigma.

    I live in Sydney, Australia, thus the Asian market is the first to open for me; this market is quite challenging,
    as it does not have the same volume and volatility as the robust Europe/London and US markets do and can
    be relatively flat; it can be hard work to capture those pips, thus I’m trying to use your program, to its optimal
    for this market, I still have some work to do.

    Anyway Karl, I wanted to thank you, Enigma is a winner!

    Kind Regards,
    Mike Easterbrook.

  5. San

    Hi Karl,

    I just wanna say The Fibo Machine Pro is awesome, it has a very high win rate per pair. For example, I enter 6 trades today (Medium TP) on different pairs, I got 4 wins and 2 losses later in the day, still a profit day! The stop loss is quite tight so I didn’t lose much which make this indicator really rock. Depending on the days and pairs I trade, sometime I got more win or less but never a losing day since I purchased and used it a few weeks ago.

    I really like this indicator because It’s really simple and easy to use, just enter accordingly to the level which the indicator given at the start of a new day, all of these trades can be set in about 5 to 10 min before I go to work. This is really very convenience and save me a lot of time, plus no thinking or hours of analyzing charts required.

    Thank you for creating this amazing indicator, Fibo Machine Pro is the best indicator I had ever used since I started the forex journey 3 years ago, I had never seen anything like this before.

    Once again, thanks! 🙂

    I will look forward for your next new product as well.

    Kind regards,

  6. Hussain from kuwait

    Best indicators !!!!!

    Finaly im professional in forex

  7. Dennis Teachworth


    I’m beginning to really love this system!

    At first I wasn’t sure if the “Fibo Machine Pro”, was going to work for me. I’ve been trading this every evening, for the last two weeks setting the orders, and checking the next morning. So far, I’ve made profits on the last 5 trades in a row. I’m trading just the GBP/JPY now. This is the second week learning this system. During the first week I over analyzed the entry’s using my old system with mixed results. Now, I’m just using the “trend Power”, then place the trades when I get the signal and everything looks good. This morning I made excellent money on GBP/JPY.

    I’m really impressed Karl!


  8. Jon


    I started using the Fibo Machine Pro in my live account on 4/29. I have had 12
    winning trades, 4 losers and 2 break even. A total profit of 651 pips. A gain of
    12.8% in my account. I risk only 1% per trade. I enter the trades at the open on
    the London session (Midnight my time) and go to bed. I only take trades in the
    direction of the trend on the 4 hr chart. I use a separate indicator to
    determine trend. I take profits at the aggressive level. If the price trades to
    the medium TP, I move the stop to break even. The only thing I change on the
    indicator is the stop level. I calculate a different stop than the program uses.
    I found your stop to be too tight for my purposes. It’s difficult to judge the
    indicator on such a small amount of trades, but so far I am very pleased with
    it. If you have any further suggestions, please let me know. I have been trading
    for over 20 years and am always looking to improve. Thanks, Jon

  9. Anthony

    I’m using the FIBO MACHINE PRO,to win trades,traders should follow the indicator’s signal
    > which occurs on the chart just before
    > UK and US market opens .This is a
    > great indicator designed,which
    > gives the direction,stoploss,entry and targets.
    > Thanks and Cheers,
    > Anthony

  10. Victor

    Hello Karl!
    Kudos to you for all the good works! Please how can you be of good help to me in anyway to be able to stand on my feet too? Am a novice in forex business, but all things being equal, lead me through what I can be doing that will fetch me good money without stress or less or no supervision in such that I will also come up pasting my own testimony here. Waiting for your response.

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author


      Please send me an email and I will help you 🙂


  11. David Lewis

    This comment is in regard to “Fibo Machine Pro”…


    Thanks so much for this software!

    This past week, I had 48 winners against 25 losers. My account saw a 41 percent increase this week alone! It would have been higher, but I neglected to put stop losses on a couple of trades, and lost more than I should have.

    I use the indicator on a four hour chart. This is a great indicator!

  12. Ian Inkster

    > This has got to be your best software yet. It really is superb.
    > I work it in with what was my favourite indicator, – your “Pips Cannon”.
    > This gives me a very accurate idea of the trend and double
    > confirmation on Fibo Machine Pro. I split my screen in two and use a 1 hour time frame.
    > One small thing Karl, living in New Zealand, I have searched for a
    > Nzd/Aud (NZ and Aus) pair but cannot find one. I just have to use the Aud/Nzd.

    > Congratulations to you and your team.
    > Ian Inkster
    > P.S. Have just made a killing on the aud/nzd. Thanks Karl !!
    PPS Re: Paul (above.) What a great idea. Pending Orders. This would be ideal for trading UK and Eur
    markets while I zzz in NZ. Thank you Paul.

  13. serge

    Karl !
    Your Fibo Machine have high rate of success signals. Good Product !
    Great Work !

  14. Richard Fisher

    Yesterday I increased my winning trades to 18 out of 19 trades! So good!

    I have been in and out of forex for many years, trying to understand it and make it work for me, so like many people, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on seminars, training and systems. All a waste of money.

    After some years, I’ve come back to forex with Fibo Machine Pro, and the results are quite astonishing!
    To make 18 out of 19 winning trades is so encouraging!

    My only wish is that Karl will create an option to automate the Alert Signal trades!

    If you have any doubts about buying Karl’s products just contact me. I’m real, and my comments are sincere.
    Richard Fisher

  15. George

    Hi Karl

    As mentioned in my previous email I have been trying to find a Auto Fibonacci Retracement Indicator that suits my needs for the past 10 years. Tried 99% of all paid and free Indies only to be disappointed.
    May I say you have excelled yourself this time. For the first time ever I am on the right side of the market.

    If there was such a thing as the Holy Grail for Fib the “Fibo Machine Pro” would come very close it!

    Thank you so much for this Brilliant indicator!!!

    Best Wishes

    George Johnson

  16. Albert

    Karl ……………………….. I am having good success Fib
    > Machine Pro thank you making the available to me i am loving
    > it.

  17. Paul


    My experience with the new “Fibo Machine Pro” has been absolutely amazing! I have been using it to trade the Tokyo market WHILE I SLEEP! All I do to be successful using this indicator is to confirm the major trend with the ‘Fib Machine Pro’s’ direction, then place pending orders/stops/targets, and go to bed. When I wake in the morning I find that my trading account has yet again increased in size. Truly amazing indicator!!

    Thank you so much for making this incredible indicator available.


  18. Ifeanyi

    Hey Karl,
    > It’s been wonderful using Buy/Sell Trend Detector to trade since the beginning of the year.
    > I want to let you know that the Alerts have been timely and
    > accurate just as is seen on the salespage.
    > 100pips daily profit is not a difficult task just following the
    > instructions/rules as contained in the manual.
    > Thank you for creating the system and making it public.
    > Ifeanyi Uche

  19. Yogeswaran

    Hi There ,

    first, the very day i found you Karl and i bought the indicator ,my life had a turning point as i saw the insides .and making money . the confidence level is now very high and stable .confirming that i will do the fattest and biggest money .thank you ,my salutations .

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    It’s difficult to find well-informed people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  21. interstate removalists

    Pretty! This was a really wonderful article. Thank you for providing these details.

  22. Aloysius

    Thank you for Fibonacci Mystery indicator
    I’ve tried it and it works…
    I tried it on the pair USD/JPY yesterday before closing market
    And 25 pips profit

  23. Bernard Lubbers

    Dear Karl,

    I just wanted to let you know that your “Double Trend Profit” indicator really works fine!

    What impressed me most is that compared to some good trading systems that I already used I get much better entries!

    I am very happy with the results, but as one can’t trade 24/24 I also noticed that I miss a lot of trades…

    So I wondered if it could be interesting for you to create an EA based on the DTP strategy.
    With such a tool you could really get a maximum of pips of the market!

    Let me know what you think of it!

    Wishing you all the best!

    Best regards,
    Bernard Lubbers

  24. Makoko

    Hello Mr Karl,

    where can one really start to express deep gratitude and thankfulness to your and your amazing abilities, i keep wondering if perhaps you were part of the elite group that actually started forex, your knowledge and techniques and indicators are ethereally great,what makes them even great is your service and willingness to always assist us amateur forex traders and to be as professional and well equipped as you are with the amazing indicators you keep forex feeding us, i personally have a number of your indicators and use all of them time after time and am waiting eagerly for more still. thank you Mr Karl for the wonderful service you are giving to us the forex community and also i tried one of indicator, my favorite, the 100 pips daily set and forget on EUR/USD pair, because i am in South Africa i used the london opening session as 09:00 to 09:00 similar to USD/JPY ‘s 01:00 to 01:00 with the same set up that you gave and the trade was very positive and am trying it with many more pairs at the present its really amazing and the most wonderful thing that i have ever experienced in my forex life was being in contact with a great mentor.teacher,inspire and professional individual as you Mr Karl

    THANKS VERY MUCH for all your indicators and for more that is still coming lol

    Makoko Kenneth
    South Africa

  25. Ross

    Hello Karl,

    just wanted to report to you how I am making out with your new Double Trend Indicator for Forex trading. As I am not a Forex trader yet, this is how I am using this great tool. I only have it running on the main USD pairs, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY , & AUD/USD using MT4. I take the signals off of the 15 min or 1 Hour and apply the appropriate direction to my futures Trading platform Ninja Trader 7. I had 5 winners in 3 instruments, on the 6J I had 3 winners in a row during prime trading time. Not all trades will always work out, but if you watch for major areas and potential changes in market direction this indicator is really very good and will keep you on the right side of the market. There was a signal on Nov 20 beginning in Asian session short for the AUD/USD and in the futures contract 6A that would have given me 67 ticks had I taken it, just off 1 signal!!
    Thank you Karl for this great product!


  26. edem0n

    Thank you for the free indicator, your site provide me all the interesting information on forex trading that is important to us from time to time.

    Thank you again.

  27. Leonard Hollins

    Dear Karl,
    I have been using your “set and forget” program since the 16th of this month. I have three things to say to you… THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I have made a profit everyday since I started using it. 30,40,50 pips everyday!! I wanted to let you know that it works great on GBP/JPY. I made 40 pips on that one this morning. The calculator you include in the manual is “pure gold” I’m finding myself anticipating the markets re opening on Sunday so that I can trade again. So, once again THANK YOU for this AMAZING money making tool. Happy Trading

  28. Robert

    Karl, Thank You for your help in getting me going. I have made several trades so far and all WINNERS!!!! This is Great.

  29. abet prabowo

    Hi Karl.Abet here from Indonesia.Thanks for all the freebies I have been getting from you.The freebies are helpful as I am beginning to make money and not losing like before.Thanks again for your help to all newbies with your freebies

  30. Mubarak

    Dear Karl ,thak you very much for the indicator its really help me a lot.

  31. Alade Bidemi

    Hi Karl….

    Am Bidemi form Nigeria. I must confess, your indicators have helped me all through my Forex trading.. I have collated some of your indicators into 1 trading template.. it all works fine for me.. Thanks so much…..

  32. Pastor

    Karl, i first of all want to thank you for your kindness, after i have tried many effort to purchase your product and fund it difficult to use my credit card you still help me out THANK YOU FOR THAT. Concerning the work of the indicators i am still working on it, I believe they are super as you always named them.

    Thanks and God bless you.

  33. Farid

    Thank you a lot Mr Karl. I found very useful your free stuffs. Take my best regards. Wish you the best wishes. So waiting for new support thing from you.
    I think you are doing well by helping to the beginners. How i understand here high percentage of visitors like your helps. After your advice’s i change my mind, my thought way about forex.

    YOUR Friend
    Farid HASANOV

  34. Jane

    Dear Karl

    Thank you very much for the many free indicators which you have sent. I experiment with most of them and am learning a lot. Still a newbie but getting more confident and these are a great help in working out the best armoury for my style. It’s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to try these tools.

    I always look out for your e-mails and know I can trust them.

    Many thanks

  35. Syed

    Karl, I really loved reading the comments and would have really loved to use them but sadly i am unable to use them since unable to install and take full advantage of them.

    karl god bless u.


  36. Gary

    Hi Swolla30
    If you have made any of Karl’s indicators into fully automated E.A’s I’d love to see them working!!

  37. Wali Baba

    Hello , Karl Dittman i am very thank full to your support service , you are Nice and best Helper of new and All Forex trader’s ,

    i was blind of forex trading and have big loss but i use your indicator and guide i am going to profits. your all indicator and guidance best donation .


    Wali Baba


  38. Rod Grenell

    Hi Karl,
    Your product is definitely one of the best indicators I’ve used…I use it in conjunction with my favourite indicator ‘Super Trend‘.

  39. Adegbenro, D. M.


    I am sending this from Nigeria. You are really God-sent. May the Almighty God continue to bless your efforts.

    I tried your free indicators you sent to me, they were real, far different, real and better from shams other so-called expert used to proclaim. I was able to make profit for the first time by using your indicators.

    Thank you. More grease to your elbow and more grace to your life.

  40. Lucy

    Sometimes I imagine why you’ve just decided to be so good. All the freebies, they are so wonderful. You are a mentor indeed, a very good one for that matter. I’m a newbie, wiped my little account twice but since i started using some of the free indicators you send to me, great improvement indeed. One of my major challenge has been entering the market ‘after the move’ and not exiting the market at the right time but with the help of these indicators I can now predict in most cases the beginning of the move and also when to exit.

    I am very grateful and I want to say a BIG thank you for your help. God bless you indeed.

  41. Ansel Kaluge

    Dear Karl Dittmann,
    After loss a lot using given indicator of MT4, I have no hope for long time. But after getting your indicators, I started to build up my spirit and new hope to change my life using your indicators. Thanks a lot Karl. You are special brother of my life.


  42. pheemysmith

    hello mr karl have beenfollowin your indicator release for some times but i wish you can help me in purchase of your new super fast indicator and secondly does that means you will not loose on usin this indicator at all ? i will be glad if you can post one of the account. you trade this indicator with for me to be sure of what i want to purchase

  43. ahmad - dubai

    Dear Karl
    First of all ; i`ve been in this bussiness for almost 5 years and at early stages i tried hardly to find a mentor whom he would help me but unfortunately couldn`t find , second; indicators you sent me; they were very helpful and assisting tools even iam not a newbei anymore .
    the most important thing is that you showerd high level of profesionality ; non-selfishness personality and a fantastic way in presenting the tools.
    pls. keep doing it the same and God bless you for your effort.

  44. arta dwitanaya

    thank you very much
    its really…really great help and support
    for me
    once again… thank a lot

  45. Ahmed

    Dear Karl,

    Your indicator has changed not only trading but also my life :), now i can trade in confidence with this indicator in addition to my list of my indicators, and let me say that when it gives me a signal and its valid, the market RUN in my favor like a charm 🙂 .

    Thanks for make my life happy ,

  46. Iman Karta

    Karl , thanks for your Ultrafastprofit. I have trade 6 times in demo and 2 times in my real use this indicator. Amazing , there is no loss trade for 1 day trade. Its the first time in my trading experience. This indicator is very powerfull event in ranging market.

    I will post my comment , how can I get with this indicator next time.

    Welldone Karl , success for you and your teams.

  47. James Gregory

    Dear Karl words cant describe my gratitude for all you have done for the novice and seasoned trader you have allways helped me out much appreciated

  48. Kutubdin

    Dear Karl
    Thank you very much for the Christmas gift, the gift made me crazy only single day i got $1000. i trade 15 times only 2 failed very small loss all other made good profit.realy very nice indicator ultrapastprofit, waiting to buy your new product for 2013
    thanks again and again.

  49. agus

    Thank you, Mr. karl indicator Christmas presents, I hope you can help me in trade

  50. Rajesh Bali

    Dear Karl,

    Thanks for your gift. I got it today, i really appreciate your big HEART.
    I am going to installed it today and very soon would comment on its working.

    Thanks a lot Karl.

  51. Abiodun

    I want to thank you a lot for all the indicators i have received from you .My trading has improved a lot. Thank you again for your generosity

  52. Rossaifuddin

    thanks for your support. waiting for a new indicator in 2013.
    happy new year frenz.

  53. Damilola

    Dear Mr. Karl.Compliments.I just got your ultrafastprofit software free gift.I have been applying it to my trading.It has been producing excellent results.Thanks so much for your good gesture.

  54. a+

    Hi Karl,
    Thanks for the Xmas gift. The ultrafastprofit indicator works and delivers good results. I appreciate the very clear and easy to understand info concerning trend changes.
    keep it up and all the best in 2013.

  55. Mzamo

    Karl I just want to thank you for all the powerful free indicators you have given us. They REALLY work indeed! . .The forex pips striker indicator that gives alerts on buy/sell signal is my favorite!, its very good and i profit on average, 100 pips a day (on all major pairs). Its an indicator that one can use to make serious money on forex. . i mean big money!. Keep up the good work Karl, May GOD bless you more! Mzamo (South Africa)

  56. Swolla30

    Karl – After purchasing hundreds of products as well as writing thousands of code lines attempting to create my own profitable EA I had decided the Forex is NOT possible. In this industry I have been burned many times in the past and had lost all faith in people selling Forex products.

    Recently I purchased two of your products, given your money back guarantee, (Supertrendprofit & 100 PIPS Daily) and found success never achieved before in this market.

    I have now automated both your products and am looking forward to a very profitable 2013. Thank you for your exceptional work and support.

  57. Derek

    Many thanks Karl for your Christmas Gift and for always responding so promptly to my emails over the last couple of years. You have demonstated that you will do what it takes to help traders improve.

  58. mike R.

    Karl is one of the most active trader/programmers on the internet. A quick perusal of a few of his systems will give the new trader a good overview of what is currently available on the market for indicator or price action trading strategies. At a very reasonable price.And his customer service is the best on the web . I still follow his new releases. Thanks Karl, Mike




  60. Michael

    Thank you Karl for all of your support during this year. I have purchased 5 of your products and I have had success with every single one of them. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the free indicator.

  61. Richard in Colorado

    Karl Dittman is a truly generous and kind man. Not only does he sell good MT4 indicators and trading methods but he even gives away his products freely to help others. He is a rare find in the dog-eat-dog world of Forex.

  62. pipwoof

    you don’t necessarily have to agree with karl’s aggressive marketing methods or even his indicators and systems. but, you can’t deny his generousity. after a file folder packed with free stuff, i almost felt obligated to actually pay for something. with everything he provides, if you can’t trade successfully, you probably need to look for something besides forex.

  63. mark

    Hi Karl,

    Thank you for your indicator and all the other great products over the last year. They have all helped me improve my trading and the thing I love is not only the effectiveness but the simplicity and accuracy as well.

    Many thanks to you and your team.

    Happy new year and best wishes

    Mark, London UK

  64. BONE

    thanks for the gift.i hope it will be a useful tools for my daily trading.wish u all the best in trading and merry christmas

  65. Emma Akijobi

    Hi Karl,
    I thank God to have known your good person. You are very wonderful. I lack words to express my joy for all your free indicators and Christmas gift. May God bless you and i wish you a Happy New Year to your family.

    Lagos, Nigeria.

  66. Timur

    Thanks for 100 pips a day. Not only this, but all previous were very good. A learning experience as well. I keep an eye on your emails and save them in a special folder created for your e-mails

    Thanks again.


  67. RC from USA

    Dear Mr. Karl Dittmann,

    I wish you:
    Merry Christmas, for you and for your family !

    Thank you for your generosity. I will remember you for giving me a free gift as a real Santa.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  68. bozidar

    dear karl
    I am delighted to your indicators.
    pro.mat for precise as a Swiss watch.
    and now the auto trend forecast.
    should abide by the rules only works without the error.
    I’m a total beginner and already earning money in tx.
    karl thanks god bless.
    bozidar croatia

  69. Tom

    Hi Karl

    Thank you for the Christmas gift.
    I have used your indicators and software over a period of time and found them to be very profitable when used with sound money management principals.

  70. ahmed

    Thank you Karl…
    I’m so happy that you share me my request ACTION PRICE

  71. Jamil

    Hi Karl,
    Recently I received Price Action Scalper trading system from as a priceless Xmas gift. Have read and found it easily understood and very simple and great. Can’t wait for the forex market to open and try this wonderful system. Thank you once again.

  72. Jarle

    Hi Carl,

    Just wanted to thank you again for the generaous christmas presant and wish you and your family the very best for the new year.

    Kind regards


  73. Krishna

    Dear Karl,

    I am facing some problem. Can you please call me to explain few things. ?
    While using your nonlagdot.ex4 . suppose i set up 1 mintue time frame. and when i saw 2 blue dots in EUR/USD pair. i opened a position with buy order with 0.01 lot size. Always position starts with some negative value .So suppose it started with -0.16. and as per the buy signal it came up to -0.04. and then signal changes from blue dots to two red dots. then according to you i should put a sell order. then -0.03 will go more negative. Please solve my problem .

    I am also facing some problems with your other indicators.

    My mobile number is in my mail i have sent you.

  74. Jay

    Thank you for the autotrendforecaster that given by you as a free item.I really appreciate your help.This indicator is a money pulling magnet if used as advised.

  75. regina

    Hello Karl and thanks so much for this useful present I got. Is there a video outthere which explains the pages of your pdf between page 11 and 16??? Need some help because my english iust not the best. When I see something I can understand better. May be one of your followers amde a video on youtube to explain it??

  76. Joe

    Dear Karl,

    I received a free indicator from you as promised on the Christmas eve as you promised. Thank you.

    I will be testing it out by next week when I am back home.

    Just to say thank you.


  77. Fadzil

    Dear Karl,,

    Thanks a lot for your free indicators. It helps to achieve the goal to make profits in trading forex.You are doing pretty awesome work and your blog is one of the most informative Forex blog i ever found. Keep up the great work.

    You are the best,, bro !!!

  78. Noam

    Hello Karl,

    I deeply appreciate your generosity in giving Christmas presents and find your price action scalper manual system very interesting!

    I wish you all the best,


  79. kris

    karl I don’t know u personally but man u make me wanna pick your brain

    lol…thanks man have a merry christmas!

  80. Peggy

    Karl thankyou for the great gift – you are a very generous person and very pleasant to deal with. Best wishes for the coming year.

  81. Alaa

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation and i am very happy for this indicators where you send me

    Merry Christmas to you And I wish you a very happy new year

    thanks and best regards

  82. John

    Many thanks for the Christmas gift, the markets are closed today but I look forward to loading it up tomorrow!

  83. ebere john

    I can thank you enough karl, your support service is awesome, your products are unique, you impart in forex is very helpfull τ̅☺ newbies, I just got the price action indicator, I will act on it and post the results. Once again thanks and НªvΣ ǎ̜̍ Ђα̲̅Ɣ Xmas calebration


    Thanks for the Christmas gift its all I really wanted Karl Dittmann is a man of his word I appreciate your software keep up the good work. God Bless!

  85. Nasir Kiyani

    Hi Karl,
    I do not find words to express my greatest gratitudes and thanks for your very kind gesture offering some free indicators and systems on the eve of Christmas.
    I would be testing your Ultrsfast frofit indicator soon.I have the feeling that it will work in Binary options.I will report to you as and when i have some results.Thanks

    Nasir Kiyani

  86. Stu

    Hello Karl

    Well today Xmas and the markets are closed but examining the indicator on a bunch of charts I can see that it looks very good. Then I played with the settings and made it more precise and now it looks like a real killer. I belive this will make a lot of pips for me.

    Thanking you once again and wishing you Happy Holidays.

  87. Johnny

    I am from Singapore,I can vouch that Karl is not a scam.No system or indicator can give you 100%.Holy Grail is for fairy tale.Karl gives you the method at a very affordable price,the rest is down to money mgt & mindset in cutting quick losses.Karl’s indicator can make money.

  88. Jamshed

    Hi Karl,

    Thanks a lot for your free indicators. It helps to achieve the goal to make profits in trading forex. Hope you will always send us good indicators / EA. All the best.


  89. Ibrahim

    Hi Karl,
    Thank you for your indicators.They have been helpfull
    to my technical analysis.

  90. ksubbanaidu

    Hai Karal,

    Thanks a lot.I got ur mail with indicator.Thanks per ur helping.



  91. Greg

    Dear Karl,
    Thank you very much for your trade PA strategy.
    Merry Christmas!
    Happiness, health and profits in the New Year!

  92. Jeff

    Karl Dittmann continues to be a driving force in forex.. His Products and service above and beyond expectations!!!…Bravo Karl job well done!!….Cheers….Jeff

  93. David Taylor

    I am not a forex beginner and in the past have tried robots(felt I was not at all in control and wasn’t profitable)and trading on crossing of moving averages(which was more profitable than the robots but as it relies on past information is not great)Then I thought what are the professional traders using that gives them the ability to earn their mega bonuses?I came to the conclusion(right I think!)that they use software systems to tell them when the likeliehood of a trade being profitable is greatest.Since then I have used some of Karl’s software and whilst, in the world of forex,nothing is certain the software he has developed does go a great deal of the way to “levelling the playing field” and helping the non professional trader to trade profitably.

  94. Marot Prasertsree

    Thanks very much, for your excellent indicator.

    Best Regards,

  95. Ernest Taylor

    Karl is the real deal! You’ve helped me more than my own broker, in the short time you’ve been sending me advice and free products my daily earnings have gone up 400%! What can I say? WOW.
    You’re the best Karl, can’t thank you enough!


  96. udobi kerian

    Hello Karl,
    i have downloaded the method and iam seriously studying the principles
    with a view to applying it to my trades.

    i want to say a very big thank you for your kind gesture.



  97. Sinovuyo Ncetani

    This is by far the best trend indicator signal i have ever come across.

    Happy Holiday peeps and all the best with your accounts next year.

    God bless you all

  98. Paul

    Hi Everyone (Karl Especially!),

    Wow, what a kind gesture – I have autotrendforecaster and am really excited to get this on my mt4 asap – I’m staying with my parents for the festivities but back on 28th so looking forward to giving it a ‘spin’ lol
    Will come back and post results as soon as I have some!
    In the meantime, thank you Karl – Have a Great 2012 Xmas and a Happy 2013!,


  99. keith

    Hi Carl

    Thanks for your personal help and encouragement This is just a day before christmas.Thanks for leaving a lasting impression due to your effort in securing me one of your free gifts. I am most greatful towards you.

    kind regards


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    Karl Dittman Genius Forex! I bought it 2 product “Bay sell magik” new Super Trend Indicator and very pleased with the results!

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    thank alot mr karl.i am from indonesia,i am newbie in forex trading,but with yours indicator,nice its very important for me.once again,thanks alot

  102. Ro Ti

    Hello, Karl, thanx for your free staff. What I ‘d like to ask : do you have any monitoring account , I mean the one like on myfxbook,com? Because screenshots are fine, but to wach it in real time is completely different.Hope you understand.Thanx ones more.Ro.

  103. Jack

    Hi Karl Dittmann,

    Thank you very much for your free indicators (made by you or from some where in internet). It help me much.
    Hope you will always send us good indicators / EA.

    Best Regards,

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    Since I got your signals and your services, It’s advantage and profited to me. This’s the best signals I have known. It a right entry point, time and protection for the traders. I had not found a great 4 years. . You’re the great. All the best!

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    This is very excellent indicator .
    I can make more + 50 pip by to day with H1 GBPJPY .


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    Hi, Karl,

    Angela here from Brazil. Thank you for the gifts. They are helping me get closer to my goal: open a real account! lol. Thanks again for everything!

  107. i nym. sg


    dear karl dittmann
    Thanks a lot for your indikator that you given to my email, your indikator it’s make me very confidence to make an open forex trading day by day, your service is fantastic…good job and thank’s for all your services…

    best regars

  108. i nym. sg

    hi, karl

    yesterday i allready try to make an open the grafik is before i make an open is sideway, and upter that its go up more than 50 pip and all my open is done provit 100 pip…wow fantastic, and this morning i try again, and its on next monday i will check again… 😉

    Thanks so much for this teknik hope to be provit everyday… 🙂

  109. m. rossi

    Hello Karl,

    Bought yr new Super Trend Indicator 3 days ago and in the first day of use (Friday) it made 170 pips. Very easy to install and use, guide is stright forward, no complaints. Very good work and I appreciate it.

  110. Ray

    Karl, I want to tell you that I have spent a lot of money on a variety of things that I thought would help my trading become successful but none have been worth their cost. Your Super Trend system is by far the best investment I have made in products to help me succeed. My first day of trading with Super Trend has resulted in plus 99 pips with two positions still waiting to finish.

    I do use Super Trend with some additional indicators which add to my comfort level.

    I am looking forward to a long relationship with you and your growing list of products. Keep up the good work.


    Ray in Florida, USA

  111. Mike

    Hi Karl

    I purchase a copy of SuperTrendProfit early this morning and installed it immediately on my demo account and made 35 pips on my first trade! I’m going to try it on my live account next week. At long last, I think I’ve found something that really works.


  112. Kamran

    Karl –

    I think you did it!! You created a beautiful indicator that works. Below are my trades (unfortunately in Demo account) using the STP indicator since purchase yesterday, up $1700 or about 18% . Congratulations!


  113. nevp

    Karl i think you might be on a winner here. In less than 24hrs and I havn’t reallybeen trying, USD JPY long + 90 USD CAD short -16 AUS USD short + 38

    Total 112 Looking forward to London opening now.

    cheers Nev

  114. Vik

    hey @ all, hi karl,

    i dont know which indicator i should use because when i put all indicators in my mt4 chart some of them say short and some of them say long so i dont know in which direction i have to put my trade…maybe somebody could help-…

  115. Ansari

    Dear Karl, your research and recommended indicators are very helpful for all specially for the fresh/new traders in forex market. I always try to implement your so-called indicators and I always found them helpful and profitable. Thanks for your emails, etc.
    Keep it up, please.

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    It’s great being able to make something, even out of the so called flat market. One needs to realize that the days of prolonged trends are over. Thanks for the job well done.


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    karl, i want to be very sincere. your gifts are wonderful. i have not started making profit yet! but your indicators have changed my trading style and have given me hope that i can make back all the bucks i have lost in forex. i also want to say, you have a very good heart and it is beautiful to say. keep on the good work and please dont stop. God bless u.

  118. rehan

    hi karl.
    i saved now trend indicator now i will check it and then again will coments.
    i hop it will do best result 4 me .
    im already using some of softwear u provided me free, thats god working.
    may i have an indicator more please thats name i think trend wave indicator that give signal like trafic signal lights. red.yelow, green.

  119. Dave Wagner


    I was wondering if Free Scalping Indicator or any of your other tools will work with Binary Options. I don’t have a lot of money to invest right now and I was thinking that I could get started for less with BO. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Be Blessed,


  120. Ebin John

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    Amazing indicators,massive gains,the guy is legit and so is my review. I have asked him many times for help and support and he gets back to me within a day at max. Awesome Guy!!!!

  122. Don (South Africa)

    Dear karl

    i am fairly new the the world of Forex and have been extremely interested in its benifits and cautions, like most i guess 1 am also trying to make sense of this Global financial shakedown.

    Thank you for the almost daily indicators ETC via email, they are very helpful.

    Please be honoured by your “WIN WIN” stance.

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    Thanks for all the freebies I have been getting from you.The freebies are helpful as I am beginning to make money and not losing like before.Thanks again for your help to all newbies with your freebies.



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    I really appreciate the nonlagdot.ex4 u sent to me. It help me a lot.

    Love to hear from you.



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    Good morning Karl, I have to congratulate you, this strategy set and forget, but the best, is one of the best that you have developed, is simple and provides excellent results, I have done very well with estraegia and I am very grateful for sharing with me, I’m sure I’ll make lots of money with it.
    Luis C.



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    hi since you started sending me free indicators i found trading very easy and profitable to me am very gratefull i need more and more suport from you tank you very much.

  129. Aris Riza

    Hello Karl,

    I am glad for consignment, all of which I find really gives you a great advantage for me. Initially I faced a lot of obstacles in trading but gradually after learning ebook, and some of the indicators that you have submitted, I now a lot of progress in understanding the trading signals. Thank you very much Karl.


    Riza Aris

  130. Aris Riza

    Hello Karl

    Hello Karl,

    I am glad for consignment, all of which I find really gives you a great advantage for me. Initially I faced a lot of obstacles in trading but gradually after learning ebook, and some of the indicators that you have submitted, I now a lot of progress in understanding the trading signals. Thank you very much Karl.


    Riza Aris

  131. Pritpal

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    I appreciate you work and donation of free indicators I have always been blowing my account but using your indicators and strategies I am sustaining a while. I thank you for this and would like to receive the technique of making these indicators myself YOU ARE GREAT GREAT LIKE BILL WILLIAMS. PRITPAL

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    Today I bought you indicator.
    you’re a genius.
    first time in my life I’ve had seven wins in row.
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    your bozo

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  136. Kamran

    Karl –
    I use your Super Math Profit indicator on my daily charts and as long as I excercise common sense (meaning not selling at support or buying at resistance,etc) the buy and sell signals are as precise as one can expect them to be. It’s yet another tool that I have added to my manual trading arsenal. Job well done!

  137. Renate Rickert

    your latest’Super Math Profit’ is your crowning achievement. The 15 min time frame gives an enormous profit potential. The simplicity of this system with
    arrors only is simply brilliant, no need for any other indicator. I favor this indicator because it is a clear easy to see, no repaint signal.No mistake about it, and it comes in early enough for me to catch the trade – and I am usually slow. I have to TRUST the signal for me to take the trade. The 15 min chart with your big arrors does just that. This is a totally amazing tool which is a real confidence builder.
    Don’t know how to thank you,
    Renate R.

  138. Agusmarg

    HI, Karl..
    Thank you about free indi, there’s help to me.
    keep work… and again thank for you… sucses for you and GBU…
    regard from Jogja Indonesia

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    Being new to forex, I find your services to be very helpful. Thank you so much for your insight and free stuff that you send out. Again, thank you very much.

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    Thank you so very much for the Magic Buy Sell Indicator!! I have just began to use it and already i have made 58 pips into the London Trading session in just one hour!!! This is great and i only followed the instructions provided in the manual for the Indicator. The Indicator is indeed a great tool and powerful (profitable) software that does multiply and increase a trader’s pips quantity with great ease.

    Thanks again karl and i will be buying more of your products in the coming days.

    Many blessings.

    Samuel Audu

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    i am very grateful to you.because you are helping me to develop my Forex strategy.

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    Thank you for supporting and educating us, Keep doing this for us.

    Shiva Prasad

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    Hi Karl,
    Thanks in a million for the free tools you provide,they are highly profound
    and great.Please i have some question regarding some of the tools.
    Firstly, Do the indicators you provide re-paint or not? This can be taken as a general question, but I am specifically interested in the nonlagdot indicator?

    Also, do you perhaps have any indicators that can accurately predict if a candle will close higher or lower?
    Finally,Please can you send me the free scalping Indicator

    Thanks again and I look forward to hear back from you.

    Felix Emeka

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    I would just like to mention that Karl has been very helpful and supportive. He keeps to the guarantee that he offers, you can trust what he promises therefore I would highly recommend buying the products that he offers.

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    All the best

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    Thank you for your support .You usefull indicators help me
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    I haven’t money to buy expert and indicators but you have been
    with me in that moments.

    You are great teacher and great person Karl. Good bless you !
    Thank you Karl!

    Vedran D.Maleta mr.oecc.

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    dear, karl i have received ur 2 indicator.both very very usefull, thank u very much and waiting for ur next valuable indicator for me.

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    Success be with you



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    First of all thank you very much for your time in bringing these informative tools to us. You are doing pretty awesome work and your blog is one of the most informative Forex blog i ever found. Keep up the great work.

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    Dear karldittmann! thank you for sent me best things.
    Nonlagdot indicator is greate but it is slow signal. So it will only take few profit. I hope you will send me better indicator! One more thank you!
    (I’m not good English)

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    hi karl your all indicators/tips is highly profitable & Awesome,
    i forex trade is very easy to your support/help,
    Thanks a lot for ur free indicators,
    Waiting for your next Email,

    Thank you so much “KARL”

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    Thank you for your free things to help trade. I will try your nonlagdot indicator.
    Best Regards
    Ande Betka

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    Let me first say thank you to you for all the free tools you provide – they are great.
    I have some questions regarding some of the tools if you would be willing to help me:
    1. Do the indicators you provide re-paint or not? This can be taken as a general question, but I am specifically interested in the nonlagdot indicator?

    Also, do you perhaps have any indicators that can accurately predict if a candle will close higher or lower?

    Thanks again and I look forward to hear back from you.

    Ziyaad Domingo

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    I can’t tell you how happy I am with my 100 Pips Daily Scalper!! I only traded this morning for 2.5 hours because I was learning. I only made .3 lot size trades and 3 trades .5 lot size as I became more confident of my ability to wait for the signal and place the trades.

    In the time I traded, I made 55 pips for a total of $230.90 and not a SINGLE losing trade out of the 10 trades I made!! All because of you and what you have taught me and your wonderful 100 Pips Daily Scalper. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Judith Stephens

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    Hello Karl!
    Waiting for your next Email 🙂
    Trading the free scalping Indicator today and generate 88pips Profit!
    Pls send me the rest of your Indikators/Offers!
    Thank you!
    Ps: U are from Germany? Speak German too? I’m from Austria 🙂

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    Hi Karl, your software and freebies are really useful. Many thanks for your continuous support.

  162. Juvinal

    Thank you for sharing indicator, I am a beginner Treder, I am excited to be an indicator of the benefits you may be able to screw me. There is one question in what time frame this trend indicators I apply whether the TF 5M, 15M or 1H … thank you for your further explanation, and apologize if my english is not good ..

    Yours sincerely I


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    Thank you for this amazing software: 100 PIPS FX GAINER !
    Today I was tested and the results are very good!
    The hit rate of the indicator is 90 +% in six currency pairs.
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    I am very happy and excited!
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    Thank you very much for many indicators, and all the information that you’ve given so far!

    Your friend,
    Gyõzõ from Hungary
    jun.7., 2012.

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    captain/ saad luxor – egypt

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  167. Mike Jonse

    Hi Karl, thanks for those indicators, there have been of help

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    Karl, thanks for those freebies. But I am having problems trying to install your indicators in my demo account. How do I locate my experts folder? I am new to forex and would like to know how to install them in my MT4 demo account. Thanks

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    thx for the free indicator and ea karl.. i collect them all.. please keep send me those…

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    Dear Karl, this is to say thank you for your support so far. The EA you gave me that trades on GBPJPY has just in two days made me up to $210. Its quite interesting to know that some of this things works. I shall keep you posted on the progress I made. The super scalper is still in my mind. I had made a move to fund my liberty reserve account, but they are delaying it. I just imagined that the super scalper will work better. Thanks alot

  172. Mustamin

    I am a beginner in Forex. But now I’ve been playing with a real small capital. I have been using Indicators that are sent to me by email.
    The indicators really helped in making decisions.
    Thanks a lot Sir.

    BTN Aura Blok H4/3
    Sungguminasa Gowa Sul-Sel, Indonesia.

  173. Abhishek

    Dear Karl,

    The indicator you sent just few hours (MLD) ago are awesome.

    I made a cool profit of 700 USD in just 6 trades in few hours.

    Thank you so much for that!



    regularly i m using u r products. lot of thanks. please go on sir

    manubhai saiyed
    ahmedabad, gujarat, India

  175. Samuel Audu

    Hi Karl,
    I have been using your free trend indicators and they are just great!! I recommend all traders to use it as it will indeed make like a lot more easier for you as you trade in Forex.

    Thank you Karl.


  176. Renate Rickert

    Hi Karl,
    This is so exciting !
    I got your new Forex Super Scalper yesterday and right away it worked terrific on the 9 am est 1 hr candle close on eur/usd.
    It brought over 40 pips in one trade!
    It is so amazingly simple, I am looking to apply it to different markets. I am only trading during US session.
    This works better and is faster than technical analysis and doesn’t clutter up the chart with other indicators. I love it; it is so much more relaxing to check the chart every hour. I am so very thankful to you Karl,
    Renate R.

  177. Magdy Ibrahim

    Hello Mr. Karl..Many Thanks for all things you are providing ( free profitable indicators,,e-books,,trading systems,,robots,,even trading ideas..very good support and help…You are always there )..I purchased all your products ( without any exception) each one has its own taste and mechanism..giving the chance for every one to chose the best for him ( we have different personalities )..I am still using indicator No.7 ( the arrow of the instant forex profit system ) it is an essential part of my trading strategy….I am using your magic trade system on daily regular basis ( it is really magic )…AND NOW,,,,,I would like to inform that I lost one trade ( -10 pips ) since I started using your new SYSTEM ( The super Magic Super Simple Scalping SECRET )…Please,do not ask me,how many winning trades,or how many pips gained ??????!!!!!!( otherwise YOU WILL INCREASE THE PRICE MAY BE 10 TIMES AT LEAST…..!!!!!!!)…Wish to meet you in person to thank you….Your Friend Dr.Magdy Ibrahim from Cairo…Egypt. Many Thanks.

  178. terry ringwood

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    used forex super scalper this morning.
    won 3 out of 4 trades picking up 60 pips!!
    this is a simple system,easy to understand and use,producing actual profits.
    thanks for your continued support
    london england

  179. Abodunrin Adeleke O

    Doctor Karl

    thanks so much for your support so far, you are God sent. i am just come back to live after a lot frustration in trading forex. Although i have not started live trading back but your free indicator has been of a great help on my demo account.

  180. Adrian

    Hi Karl. Great material!!! I’ve been trying ALL you frree indicators that you sent me and I got great results. I will test your commercial systems soon.

    I highly recommend Karl’s resources. They make your life as a trader a lot easier. He takes care of everything: trend indicators, price action and breakouts, when exactly to buy or sell, when a trend change so you can use that in your advantage and steal some pis.

    Great resources Karl. Thank you so much. (and I am waiting for more)

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

  181. piotr

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks a lot !!!! , your indicators help me return a lots of money , Im long term looser and You help me very well , THANKS AGAIN !!!

    Piotr Wójcik

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  186. Oz

    Thanks very much Karl – excellent products and encouragement. Keep up the good work, you are helping many people!


  187. DestinysCheeks

    Hi Karl, just want to say a massive thanks for all the freebies. Im relatively new to trading and these indicators have been a great help! Keep up the great work (and the freebies, lol!)

    Kindest regards

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    Dear Karl,

    I tested the last 10 days 100pips daily scalper and I can say is amazing!!I’ve never met a better Software! I recommend it to everyone. irrelevant whether someone traded so far, or is a beginner,100pipsdailyscalper is for everyone.

    Thanks a lot Karl

  189. CM London and Wales

    Hi Karl,

    After getting burned and losing a lot of money in the last two years i am changing strategy. I am testing your free indicators (which are great) to see if i can change my trading fortunes (win some money instead of lose it)and the tests are showing positive results. Shortly i will be commiting hard earned cash to your name and if i still get positive results then Karl Dittmann you will become my new Guru and Master! Thanks for the refreshing honesty and help that you give the newbies like me. You are one of a kind!

    God bless!

  190. Eugen

    Hello Karl. I just wanted to say that my FOREX teacher was the Internet and your work helped me more than anything else i’ve encountered here.
    Thank you.

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    I very much like your strategies. Thanks a lot Mr. Karl Dittmann. Your free stuffs are really amazing. I will buy your product in future sure.

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    I am very proud of you,your indicators are doing me a grate jobs,Thank you million time.

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    Hi Karl Since you had been sending me your indicators I havent tried anything as I probably not going on to try the MT4 platform right now as I have been trading on another platform. So for time being I will be on the side lines. Wish you could make it more simple to use on other platforms also

  194. reply

    You, Karl, are a very kind person to share what you have. Your indicators are magnificent!

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    Thanks for sending me amazing indicator at no cost. They really works very well !!!

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    Life is getting better than before
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    Keep Sharing the joy with others,by giving free powerfull indy!!

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    Uzbekistan Tashkent

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    hi Kasrl, thank you for the helpful and nice indicator, with one view you can see the market conditions and also your other indicators are very good, good for manual trading, but i am program beside EA`s for MT 4.

  201. rpw uk

    hi karl watched the 16-2-12 trades un fold just after installation of your programe , if it could be like this every day, mines a lear jet,honestley a very good system, easy install, feed back on any problems second to none better than the junk out there for sale.

  202. J.J.

    Greetings Karl,
    Your free scalping indicator has been my first introduction to you and I an interested in what ever it is pertaining to Forex, especially things centered around price action.
    I really need and would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me basicly how your indicator determines to go long or go short.I need some understanding so that I am not taking somthing in the blind.
    Thank you in advance

  203. jonny

    Thanks a lot Mr karl
    really useful indicators, made me change the way i trade.
    Thanks to you i got more passion for trading
    good good staff
    best regards

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    Thank you so much i dont beleive in propriotory indicators but your really works it is the next best thing since stochastics

  205. david Morley

    I have been using the scalping free software that you emailed me and
    have found it very easy to use and so far have made a profit every day for the
    last 7 days – thank you

    These results have encouraged me to look at other software that you offer.

    Thank you for your help – not many people are so ready to help others.


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  207. kumar

    Dear Karl,

    Thankyou so much for making my day and adding some relaxation tin trading..because we tend to get emotional but the indicators dont…its just the combination of the intelligent indicators thet can truly work….thanku once again,ill keep in touch.

  208. saad

    thank u very much
    the indicator is great

    i’d like to ask u in which frame it works well and giving good results?
    thank u

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    Hi Karl…sulung here…its very usefull for me….thanks for all…

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    Thank you for providing precious indicators and mostly required information. The indicators you have given for my successful trade are definitely useful and fruitful till the date.

    Thank you for your continuous support.



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    Your very kind. I wait patiently for your emails as i cant wait to see what you have next.. xxxx

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    thank you so much for the excellent work you’ve done, it’s been a great help and is very much appreciated.

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    All the indicators are working very well,
    the best of them being TVI.

    God bless you and all your family members

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    First of all thanks to your kind to provide us a free products. It’s a great knowledge that we can share and hopefully you’ll be success in future.

    Thanks a lot,
    Zack oii

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    salute to you, your product is fantastic, very easy and very good. do you know since I use your products then that’s when profits start coming to me. one thing is to be believed, when I do not understand very well with one of your products, you are willing to replace it with another product and continue to provide assistance to me. I believe in you. Thanks a lot Karl. success for us all.

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    Hi karl. thank you for your help and support.i am a biginer in forex(about 1 year).so i need some help, and you help me very much.thank you for sending indicators.have a good year.you are a great man .i hope best for you.mohsen.

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    Karl Is very good Person, He is Sendig us small tradig Indicators,

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    Warm Regareds.


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    I really do appreciate all your help to me and I am sure other people do feel the same way as I do. Not every time one comes across through genuine good people with nice hearth that truly will like to make a difference in other peoples life – you are one of the exceptions.

    Your Forexsecretprofit system helped me to jump-start my trade by wining 4 out of 5 trades, that made a HUG difference positive difference to me. Please keep doing the good job in the community for God has given you a wonderful gifts and Talents in this business.

  226. Klimin

    Dear KD,
    Thanks a lot its really excellent and very simple indicator to OP Only depend Line Color changed.
    After we try three days “UltraFastProfit” indicator as Main Indicator (add indicator MA5 exponential, Indicator1 and Indicator2 also from KD 100% free) and advise from KD (about trading time) in demo account with using TF5/TF15 pairs EUR/USD GBP/USD USD/CAD and USD/CHF and after we enough familiar using that indicator then yesterday (Friday) we starting trading in live account, results I think really excellent in about 3 hours we get 110 pips. Thanks KD.

    If possible,
    Can you make “ultrafst4 indicator” Automatic Close and Entry OP using changed color?
    For example first order is BUY than next second OP is automatic SELL (from ultrafast4 changed color from Blue to White than in same time closed first OP than open second OP with volume and TP same before), I think if like that can get Maximum Profit because not late to take OP.

  227. John

    Hello has anyone used Karl Dittmanns Ultra profit indicator, can give feedback on any resuls good or bad I am new to forex and looking for a softwrae that really helps make trades

  228. Muhammad Hassan Raja

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    First of all I want to say that Thank you very much for your help and support.
    U r a nice and great person. u do help for all. U gave me many free indicators.
    Real big thanks.
    Yours truly respectful person
    Hassan Raja.

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    Thanks for your generosity. All your indicators are good. Still have to test them. Will buy more from you in nearest future.


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    Hi, Karl!
    Thanks a lot for ur free indicators.
    I learnt myself from ur notes how to load indicators into MT4 platform. My club tech manager was not very cooperative with loading them as “outside gotten materials are not his responsibility”. So I loaded them myself and now very proud of it. I tried ur “nonlagdot” and “supertrend” just for one day on demo M15 mins and made 11 operations (both buy and sell type) with total profit of 50$. Each operation with 1$ to 10$ profit. Not a single loss!!! I use to have heavy losses before and stopped playing my real account because of it. Ur indicators were the last thing I desided to try to make profits. I tried not only EUR/USD, but also EUR/CHF, AUS/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/CHF, EUR/JPY, AUD/CAD and GOLD. All just 1 or 2 operations for each pair. I am happy I am out of losses and learning to make money. Sure it will work on real account too. I want to try other time frames like 1 min and 5 mins, because it takes long to wait for signals on 15 mins. Hope it is the dream indicators I was searching for and it will work for me.
    Real big thanks.

  231. CCE...Minnesota

    Hi Karl,
    Great Indies you provide. Purchased the Ultra fast Profit indy. Easy to understand and follow the flow.
    I would like some feed back on the Non Lag Dot Trend indicator you’ve just sent out for free.
    Is there a better Time Frame to use it on. Currently using it on the 5m TF. I like the way it behaves in conjunction with the UFP indy for giving a heads up to trend change.
    Thanks much,

  232. ALEX

    I have from you 100 pips daily SCALPER INDICATOR and BUY SELL WAIT indicators both with exelent results on different timeframes thanks for your support and waiting for new development.

    Thanks again Karl.

    from SPAIN

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    Thanks a lot for your kindness n support, It;s very help me and the other persons to be more confidence and profit in forex trading….May God always Bless you forever…Ameen
    Thanks Yanto (Indonesia)

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    Thank you very much for your free indicators they are great. I have added them to my daily templates and work well for me.
    best regards

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  236. chris

    I don’t care what people say, scam or no scam, I like the indicators from you. I read in other forums these are existing codes and modified. I like the simple indicators than the complex original ones. Your Indicators are good and mostly reliable, Karl. Thanks for what you do for the forex retail traders community. Please continue the service and never stop.


  237. Mike Miller

    Karl, I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me! The indicators have been extremely helpful and profitable. As always look forward to your emails with great anticipation. Because I know you’ve sent something else that I can use.

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    Hi Karl,

    Why do you do this. Releasing your precious weapons to the public. All I can say is to bless. May GOd in His infinite mercy floursih you with the good things of life and long life I wish you.

    You helped me a lot with these indicators. Especially the i-trend and multi pair are a great tools. I combine with my strategy and they synchrnize.

    God bless you Karl.

  239. BJB

    The free Nonlagdot indicator you promoted is nothing but dangerous, misleading garbage and not something that any trader should use.

    Just this morning on a one hour EUR/USD chart the third and fourth bars up from the bottom BOTH indicated UP dots and so I went long on the opening of the fifth bar. Later, not only did the fifth bar indicator change from an up colour to a down colour (which would be understandable while the bar was still open) the indicator also changed the up colour to a down colour of the bar TWO bars back ! At that point in time the entire picture had changed to indicate that there had never yet been two completed up indicators to signal go long (on the fifth bar as I had done). No wonder this junk looks good only in hind sight after it has gone back more than one prior bar to repaint dots !

  240. jojo

    hye karl,im your subcriber,i like all your freebie software,i know you are not a scam..i really interest for your 100pipsdaily scalper but i dont have enough money to buy your 100 pips daily scalper..can i got for a half price??thanks karl.

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    thanks for all of your gifts… its very usefull
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    Thank you very much for your help and support.
    I would like to remark that I have a very big profit with your secret strategy 100 Pips Daily – Set and Forget.
    Since you started to help me with different tools such as indicator and information I began to be more optimistic about FOREX.
    God bless you Karl!

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    Wow. I down loaded and install your scalping indicator and manuel… After reading the manuel I open four trades and made pips right away….Wow… This makes trading easy….. I’m looking forward to getting more of you products and sharing your site with my trading friends… Being new to trading fx on MT4, this indicator makes if all worth it….

    I look forward to getting more products from you and your company..

    This is a site and product I think I can trust..

    Thank you so much…..

  244. Ellis

    Dear Karl,

    I just received your Exit indicator. I quickly did a back test, and i would say it was awsome. Thank you so much, i think i have been following you, for over 2 years now. Keep the good work and God bless you.


  245. Erica

    Dear Karl,

    The buysell indicator that I have purchased with your recommendation has bought be tremendous results and all the other free indicators that you give us is also a big help. Before I used to be scared for trading but by using your indicators I feel more confident because I know I will for sure get results. You rock Karl you are the man and the best!!!!!

    Best Regards

  246. Saud

    It is a good..no frequent false signals during the trend phase,and it has email
    alert which acts as SMS on my PDA..the PDA i can set it to alert me by tone upon the receive of an email.

    when I receive the email alert,I must analyze the chart using the fibonacci,trendlines,MA’s to know if the resistance is near or not.if the resistance is near,no need to place a buy trade.

    I can let this indicator to work on a 1hr or 4hr time frame chart and the PC works for me as a ROBOT no need to waste time and effort in front of the PC screen staying in home.

  247. Lindsay Evans

    Hi Karl,
    I have been receiving your products for a couple of years now and have found all products very useful. I haven’t been in the position to buy any of the systems you have offered but find most of your free stuff very important and I always love to receive your advice and indicators.
    Yours truly Lindsay Evans

  248. eric b king


    i bought dittmans latest indicator and loaded it up. i am focusing on the 1M chart. i will test it out this week on demo. let me suggest the following as i wanted something to give me good exit points. adjust the GUP on dittman’s indicator to “1”. then, if you have meta 4, look for an indicator call RELATIVE VIGOR. put it on the chart with dittmans indicator. remove all the other indicators as that is too much noise and too much to analyze. set the RELATIVE VIGOR to “period 5” setting. take a look at something. try it on the eur/usd or the gbp/usd. what u will find is that the dittman arrows give the ENTRY point but the crossover of the relative vigor give the EXIT points. can we get a few folks to try this and report the results friday?

  249. kolitha

    Dear Sir,
    I am a new comer to the Forex and thank you very much for providing such a important things to us. You are a social server. Again I appreciate your service very much. God bless you.



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    With so many indicators and EA’s, can you provide one “Buy and Sell” to try out.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Karl Dittmann!

    Thankyou for your free forex trend , indicator …. , I will try all . I don’t known how is the result but I known you are very good man so I think your system is good as you …,

    Best Regard

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    Hi. Karl,

    Thanks very much for all you freebies, ebooks, etc.
    They helps me (ebooks ) to understands forex better and the free mt4 EAs.
    For trying and testing.


    May God blesses you.

    Richard of Sabah.

  254. Célio M. da Silva

    Caro Karl.
    Atualmente ainda estou engatinhando no Forex.
    Já perdi alguns dólares, mas creio que ainda não estou bem prepardo, mas ficarei.
    Aqui no Brasil é difícil conseguir algo que seja de fácil interpretação para o forex, os seus indicadores e suas orientações são de grande valia.
    PARABÉNS eu que vc continue com essa vontade louca de ajudar-nos.
    Célio M. da Silva

    Ps.: O texto está todo em português, o meu inglês é péssimo.

  255. Mark

    Dear Karl,

    Just to let evryone know that your buysellwait indicator has been extremely helpful. I have taken several trades using it over the past week, all were winners. Thank you for making it available. I have already recouped the cost of it several times over in just a few days.

    Thanks again


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    tanx for indicator have not tested most of it but have demo with the freescalping indicator,it is nice.wilson

  257. Moh Efendi

    Dear, Mr.Karl Dittmann.
    Can I use Buy Sell Super Profit Indicator for Demo ?
    If good, I will buy ?
    OK. Thank’s.

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    This is just to express my gratitude for all your help for giving away all those products. I really like the set and forget system of yours. It is very good indeed. Thank you.

  259. Wong


    Thanks a lot for all your freebies to try out. I am using them and testing them ang found them to be very useful. I would like tcomment on your customer service though. I have emailed asking about how to process the 30 days money back guaranteed just in case but I got no replies for 3 days till now. I asked just in case I need advices.

    Thanks again. Your indicators are great. Keep it up I am looking foreard to receiving news from you =D


    Dear All Visitors,

    I have no word to explain Mr.Karl products.Because before purchased of Karl products i have lost 10000 USD within 5 months and lot of bad experience with some other softwares purchased from other vendors. Now i have attached 3 Karl software in my live trading Chart. Wonderful result. No panic and tension about the Market. Correct entry time and tight Stop loss comes in a pop alert,email.
    So easily i put my order and take profit everyday. Also correct reply to clarify all my doubts immediately. I pray the GOD to give good health and wealth to Mr.Karl.

    Thanks Karl.


  261. Johnny

    Hi Karl ,your super buy sell indicator is truly amazing.It works very well on Hang Seng Index (HSI) 5mins chart.At $84 ,it is truly a steal and a very good investment compare to other software or course conduct by other self proclaimed guru in forex or stock who charge hundred and thousand of dollars.I am really grateful to you because with this software ,I have stop merry go round to find the holy grail in trading.Keep up the super good work in helping those struggling traders like me to succeed.Thanks You once again.

  262. Sameer Robin

    Hello Mr.Karl i am 18 years old from Bahrain I started trading 1 year back but with no information and i was greedy so there was nothing i could do but just to loose every trade which i used to make with my greed,I never been to school because of financial problems and all my life i only dreamed of making some money and support my family and thanks to now i am being able to Continue my studies like every other kids plus i am studying the Forex Market and using your tools is really helping me a lot,I Consider you as my mentor as my teacher my guru thank you so much sir and all i can say is GOD BLESS YOU.


    Mr. Karl,
    Your indicators is extra good, thanks for your assistance to baby and professional traders.

  264. Richard


    I’ve tried dozens of indicators and systems, most of which are useless. I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with Super Buy Sell Profit. With confirming buy signals on the Euro on the 1 hr, 15 min, 5 min, and 1 min charts, I went long, and am currently up more than $2,000. Even more impressive is that there have been no false sell signals as the trend continues up, keeping me in the trade for the entire move. Thanks for an excellent indicator!

  265. andres moya

    me parece muy bueno este sitio.
    los productos que envian son muy utiles y bien escogidos.
    muchas gracias.

  266. Paul

    Karl is a great person, he provide tons of useful forex information and education to me, I’m a newcomer in forex, after I use and read his articles and tool, I found I’ve learn a lot, there is no reason to believe Karl is scam.
    Thank you Karl, keep going.
    God bless you and your family.

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  268. ola

    thanks very much this is a grate effort to improve lives.keep it up i am using the but not too accurate i hope to improve my self in the short est time
    Also try and make the signal to be more accurate too.

  269. Jesus B.

    Ladies and Gentleman,
    I just bought Fibonacci Miracle from Mr. Dittmann…. and let me tell you that if you do not get it…. well…. you are missing BIG!
    What a great job you did with this one Mr. Dittmann!
    My hat off to you Sir.
    Also, thank you for your honest work and for giving up some free indicators from time to time. I really enjoy you generosity.
    It is trully apleassure to come accross with such a proffesional like you.
    My best wishes to you, and your family.

  270. Tony Thomas

    Hi Karl,
    I just got a add promoting your 100pips daily scalper the last update is of 24 Aug. If you Update it to September it would be great for your sales.

  271. mason

    Hi Karl, just want to say thank you for your effort to share any ideas that you have,, looking forward for new ideas.take care. thank you. mason

  272. Alessio

    I tuoi indicatori sono fantastici !! Io ho comprato 100pipsdaily……Grazie per tutti i pips che mi fai guadagnare ogni giorno !!!! Hai provato a costruire un ea ?
    Saluti dall’Italia 🙂


    The product are fantastic. they have improved my trading skills. now i can confidently say i have moved fro the intermediate level in forex trading. your products are highly helpful.
    thank you very much.

  274. Samson

    Samson form London

    Thanks Karl for your genorosity, your a ” good egg ” as we would say in London. Keep up the good work, and may you live long and prosper.

  275. YankeeClipper

    WOW! +120 pips within minutes of adding the “Commentator” to my MT4 platform. I’m using it in conjunction with another trend indicator which gives me buy/sell directional arrows and an audible alarm. It’s always good to have a 2nd opinion Cheers Karl… Keep up the fantastic work

  276. Mohammad

    Thank you very much Master Karl Dittmann.
    “100 pips daily set and forget” works
    brilliantly even now,before tne end of
    summer vacations.
    Looking forward to receiving more products
    from you,I’m grateful to you… Master.

  277. Saud


    Thank you for 100pipsdailyscalper

    it is a good..no frequent false signals during the trend phase,and it has email
    alert which acts as SMS on my PDA..the PDA i can set it to alert me by tone upon the receive of an email and i can let this indicator working on a 1hr or 4hr time frame chart and the PC works for me as a ROBOT no need to waste time in front of the PC screen staying in home.

    I will not ask for refund.


  278. Jacek

    Hi All,

    Carl is really expert of Forex analysis- his long experience showing truly professionalism so highly recommend his opinion and advise for all in accordance to Forex.

  279. Lonte

    wow! awesome … i know its tweaked from other indicators … but really works with that system … and it’s free … after i make profit i’ll buy commercial indicators you offer! may better than free … you guys not scam! thank you very much yo!

  280. Bela

    Dear Karl,

    Thank You for Your generous gift. The MMR Indicator is excellent.
    In one single day I won 200 pips with this powerful tool.

    Thank You again.

    Bela Kovacs

  281. Sanjay Chakravarty

    Dear Karl,

    I must appreciate the way you are helping all the traders. We are all very thankful to your amazing effort.
    I hope you will continue your good work.


  282. sami

    Thanks for your support to me

    You really deserve more than thanks

    I miss your messages useful

  283. Mike

    Hi Karl (and followers) I’d like to say thankyou so much for returning something back into the trading community. I have been following your articles for a few weeks and all I can say is… The Indicators WORK!! I have attached them to a demo MetaTrader4 account and, in 5 days (22AUG2011 to 26AUG2011) my account balance was up by 16%. Thankyou very much for your assistance

  284. robinswood75

    thank you very much mister Dittmann

  285. Richard

    Hi Karl,just a quick note to thank you for all the free goodies,there have been times I’ve wanted to purchase different products but the exchange rate (South Africa) makes it impossible
    Best Regards

  286. Elliott Tyrrell

    Dear Karl,
    > Thank you so much for your new scalping product. I used it today 2/26/11
    > when the market was crazy waiting for Bernanke to speak and while everyone
    > else was waiting I scalped 35 pips out of the market. When you align the
    > signals with the 5 min direction( trading on a 1 min chart) it’s magic.
    > Congrats for coming up with this super product
    > Can not wait to see what else comes out of your bag of tricks.

    > Your friend,
    > Elliott Tyrrell

  287. modie

    Thanks a lof karl for your free indicators..I found it very very useful.I had applied some of the indicators to my strategy and made some profits out of it. May God bless you for your sincere helps…Looking forward to receiving a new products from you soon.

    Ce ya…

  288. Konrad

    I´ve bougt this 100 Pips Daily Scalpe indicator yesterday, 08.24.11 and had a fire-baptism. I tested this indicator with GOLD, 5 min TF and have earned a lot of money doing it. This investment was worth it! Ok, there may be a coincidence, of course, existed because of this strong downtrend. I guess you can use this indicator also good for scalps. Important is only just that you do not trade them in flat markets.

    Best Regards

  289. sajadast46

    i really like with your indicator, your indicator is very easy for learned

    thank you MR. Karl

    i hope you always to share your best indicators

  290. saing

    thank you sir you’ve gave me a lot of indicators, but right now I am still for wave elliot indicator, have you got EA wave elliot.?

  291. Kevin

    Karl…your new indicator is very effective. I had 4 winners yesterday and 1 loser for net 77 pips. Today, I had 5 winners and no losers for 88 pips. Since taking your advice to identify the 5M trend and then take only the 1M trades in the same direction, I have seen great results. I’m still leaving a lot of potential on the table but 9-1 for 165 pips is a pretty good start!! Thanks for everything!!!


  292. William

    Good day Karl,

    As a dyslexic, lets say I some times see things differently.
    Well that’s not the case with your new 100 Pips Daily Scapler.
    I see it perfectly, as it perfroms it’s task.
    1. the way it positions itself with the candles.
    2. I feel relaxed with it.
    3. follow the rules, I was tempted not to. But I did and to the tune
    of $309.00 this first day out.

    Thank you, Karl for your your considerations.

    William Horeis a.k.a. Cowboy Bill

  293. Hengki

    halow MASTER forex I am usually used indicator from you…. and i am happy thank you MASTER FOREX

  294. Hengki

    thank you very muach karl Dittmann……… i am verry happy used indicator from Master karl Dittmann…… i will waiting next products……… thank you Master 🙂

  295. Towhidul Ruben

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    Your almost all indicator is
    high quality. You are
    peoples friend. Not many in
    this world!!Thanks.Ruben

  296. Garland Semien

    I must tell you that this is the best indicator that I have seen. I am developing a system based on this indicator, and with your recommendations for using the indicator, it looks like the most promising system that I have put together. Thanks again for making this indicator available to us

  297. jitender baweja

    Hi Karl,
    Thank you very much for all of your supports, books and knowledges, everythings are useful. You are good person and expert..
    God bless you Karl

  298. Hari Mocca

    Dear Karl,

    Thanks for all indicators that you have send me. They are very useful for me, I really appreciate of your job and service.

    I just want to advice, try the improved indicators for a more up to date as become a hot topic recently. just my comment, keep the excellent work that you have done.

    Best Regards.


  299. lutaaya (uganda)

    karl ur the best ,i have just started using ur indicators and they are really working great, am thinking of purchasing one of ur product some time soon . ur really a friend indeed

  300. John

    I am new to forex and learning very much from your e-mails.

  301. Alfred

    Hi Folks,

    This is the real deal .In all sincerity I have to admit I was sceptical about this system .So many times I have bought some system or ea and usually I only lost money with them.
    But this simple system (Forex magic trade) works if you take the trouble to watch the news at the time of trading,wait for price to go further up (or down) a pip or two and open the trade.
    First I tested on demo of course ,but the result was impressive.Then another demo test and again it made 40 pips.So I took the jump on live account.And on the very first live trade I had made more money than I had spent on it.The day after I made 4 times the money I spent on it.So grab those pips.
    Good support as well.You cannot lose with this!

  302. Alexey Popov

    Hi Karl. I just purchased your Magic trade. and it made my
    > money back already. 1 day- 1 trade, and 90 eur in my pocket, great job thanks for the system

  303. Jay

    Hi Karl,

    I purchased your Magic Trade system last week and have successfully closed 5 out of 5 trades. I’ve been using mini lots on a live account but will be stepping it up a bit next week. I was wondering if you have any other systems in your “Magic Trade” bag that you will be offering in the future.


    Jay – Orlando, Florida

  304. Nadeem Ahmad

    Good Job and thanks for the help.
    A Newbie like myself needs info all the time until we can crack our own code.

    Thanks for all the support

  305. hermanto

    Hi Karl,
    Thank you very much for all of your supports, books and knowledges, everythings are useful. You are good person and expert..
    God bless you Karl


  306. Chand

    Dear Karl, I am still trading with DEMO account. And planning to go for real account soon. Some of the stuff you sent me are really truly useful. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

  307. Anthony Franco

    Good Evening All,
    I must admit after studying the my Forex course for almost 5 years, studying each signal carefully, Karl indicators has really improve my day trading by over 70% & this is only the free indicators sent via email.
    I could only imagine what his other indicators can do!. Thank you Karl, will be in touch.

  308. Nandarani

    Karl really cares. In a world of people trying to legally make themselves financially self-sufficient, what to speak of helping their families, surrounded by many powerful people whose agendas are basically to make war on the rest who are struggling, forex is a key place where there is hope for people who are smart enough to find a way that works for them to trade it. I think Karl must have gathered the best indicators and certainly he is a shining star of availability without ulterior motive. LOOK at those prices. Now… to decide which to experiment with, first.

  309. Eugene

    Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Many of the free indicators and forex resources are highly accurate and therefore helpful. However, there are some that are not realy very good for forex trading. In this case, you might have to test them before giving them out.

    On the whole, your gifts have helped many of us to understand the market much better than without them. I’m really grateful. Please keep it up.


  310. Joni from Finland

    Hi everyone i just need to say that Karl Dittmann is not a scammer!
    I bought hes trend forecaster indicator and i see profitable results almost immediately. Not hard to use indicator just like he said. Anyway im going to buy all hes available products he has. He has replied all my posts and gave away free indicators that i used to practice with on a practice account. on my summer holiday i am going to trade everyday with hes ATF indicator on realmoney account.

  311. Tuntul

    Auto-trend forecast I purchased from u is very useful to me. An excellent product! But have to follow the instructed regulations to gain profit.

  312. Tuntul

    Thanks a lot for helping a new beginner like me. May God bless u!

  313. Andrew K.

    I purchsed the Super Sclaper and WOW WOW, what a fantastic product. It took a while to get use to the signals etc, but once mastered, I just wait for the singals and I will scalp 10 pips easily, 3 – 4 times a day. Very few losing trades. Best to play during busy periods. Pips made in a few minutes.

    Thank you Karl, what a fantastic product. Never have I been such a consistent winner. Thanks.

  314. James

    Gday Karl

    Thanks for all the info, I am new to Forex trading and the stuff you post and send through is like a free gift shop so thanks.
    All the material is useful and nothing is forced on me.
    Please keep it coming.

    Thanks again


  315. George

    Hi Karl,i wanna thx u for the free stuff u given me,it helps a lot.I am not lossing money,in fact i kind a makeing it very well,thx to u indicators and free stuff.
    Keep sending them Karl.God Bless you
    George B,Romania

  316. Lina

    thanks so much for u indicator, its realy help me much to get a lot of profit

  317. fady victor

    Thanks for the excellent indicators, its easy, simple & profitable beside Karl’s support

  318. dodik

    hi karl, tnx 4 free indicator that help me 4 newbie in forex, how if u made a prediction here every day,

  319. lucio

    “Buy Sell Magic” is fantastic! I have verified this indicator in a live account and I have recovered the money spent on the first day of operation. BEAUTIFUL!!
    Very good, Karl you are a phenomenon.

  320. Prasertsree

    Thanks for all of your supports, books and knowledges, everythings are useful. I’m now reading and study all of it.
    Thanks again for all of your help.

  321. s.moorthi


    ur nonlagdot useful . i am testing . any how hoping u r help & dedicated

    software one day usefull to become like me poor people will go millionair


  322. peyman_n2200

    Dear Karl, Thank you for the recent free indicator Thank you again.

  323. Ivan

    Thanks Karl, your help is very important to me and I’m sure to the other beginers in Forex! I hope I’ll find my way in trading and I could leave something useful to my son to be free and happy man.
    All the best for you,

  324. Irene

    All i can say is thank U so so much for the wonderful indicators and it works well.I really apperciate ur help.

  325. tak guan

    thank you karl, my english is poor, the only word is thank u so much for your ebook, indikator and everything, i still don’t believe that in the world have a good person like karl, thank u again.

    from tak guan

  326. Iman Kartamadjana

    Thanks a lot Karl . Your services and information very helpfull for me. Your free indicators are very usefull. You are a greatman that I have met in forex market. I dont know you but I feel close to you. Thank you very much for all email



  327. Nicky

    Hello Karl,

    Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me! I look forward to receiving your E-mails, as I now know, you are very honest and professional !!!

    I purchased your Buy -Sell indicator, some time ago, and have been so impressed with the results to date, although I am only using demo account ( I would be very wealthy now) I have been a victim in the past, of unscrupulous people, who have cost me dearly.

    I will keep in touch with you, and keep you informed with my progress, and if you require me to give evidence, of my progress using ‘your system’s and logic,

    I will be happy to oblige.

    I have found that the combination of “Buy sell indicator“, and “SF trend lines”, together with your advice, regarding Trends ( Which has been the most important info so far ) Incredibly important! And has so far given between 100 and 210 pips per day, about 80% profit, and about 20% in loss.
    ( Although this would be a less of a loss if I were able to work from home full time.

    My Kind regards,


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    no loss day…….only profits..work any time any pairs
    thank you agian
    Mohamed ali

  329. PaulForex

    Great Karl,

    From last year i stum into your blog, my trading ideas has changed especially with ALL your FREE stuffs you ALWAYS give away to New and old traders like me.
    Am very grateful and Pray that you will continue to earn more PIPS in All your trades and May other Professional traders like You learn from your good works.

    More PiPs to your trading Account,


    Paulforex, Nigeria.

  330. Muhammad Hassan

    Karldittman u are a helpfull person for all trader, Thanks alot u gave me free indicators and advices, I like U very much. U are a expert and very genious person. Thanks alot of U.

  331. Prasanna

    Hi Karl,

    Forex Secret signal I bought from you has been turning out to be money making machine and I have been consitently profiting from this tool.

    Also hats off to you for all the valuable help of providing free tools without expecting anything in return.

    All your products are quite easy to use and highly accurate I can say this since I have used it myself and I am quite happy to share that with your products I can be confident that I will not lose my money it is completely protected. Thank you very much!

  332. Mike

    Hey Karl:

    Although we just purchased your “Buy/Sell” magic software, I gotta tell you, we are very impressed so far. We have looked at passed signals, and could find very few unsuccessful trades on most time frames. We more like the longer time frames as our own personal trading preference (1hr and 4hr). However, we are comfortable trading shorter time frames as well.

    First of all I am a professional FX trader, and have systems of my own I trade successfully now. We usually would not purchased something like this, because most everything in the retail market is garbage, and we have our own systems that do well. However, we did find some of your other past products interesting, and have purchased some of your indicators previously… and have been pleased with them for the most part. This is why we decided to give your ‘buy/sell” magic software a shot.

    We have just started testing on a demo, but all is looking pretty good so far. We will keep you apprised of our results as we attain them. We are also following the 3 basic rules you have… 1. London / US sessions, 2. Do not trade prior to, or right after major news events (we do this already) & 3. Trade with the trend & not in consolidating / sideways market condition… we usually confirm trend on longer time frames.

    I did want to point something out in your latest email you just sent regarding the 1 min time frame (very impressive overall) banking 122 pips in two hours… and that is it look like your first trade involved a Major news event with the GBP (Manufacturing PMI) today? Just curious about that one. You entered the trade just prior to the news it looks like?

    Anyway, from what we can see early on… looks like you have a winner Karl, and we are looking forward to taking the trade signals from it.

    Take Care and thanks for what looks like a great contribution to the FX trading community.


  333. Mohammad Kavoshnia

    Hi Karl

    Thank you for all your e-mails and helps.
    You have answered all my questions,and also
    have sent me some very useful free forex tools.
    I’ll never forget your kindness and generosity.

    Yours sincerely

  334. Sukhen K Mitra

    Karl has helped traders a lot with various indicators, EAs and systems and they are really good. I have used them and can fairly say that he’s a blessing to the trading community.

  335. Hassan

    I am so sorry ,If my English was not good.
    I am Hassan from iran.
    Several years that I am familiar with Forex
    But when I have contact with Mr. Karll
    eBooks and free indicators and experts have used them too
    His sincere help and advice me.
    I have my mail every day waiting to see them open a new mail from he
    Karll is my great friend.
    I love her.
    Long live Karll.

  336. MD Jahedul Haque

    Hello Friend Karl,

    I am Jahid from Bangladesh. I got so many indicator and EA which is really helpful to make some quick profit. And i collect it from you only.. You give me different kinds of indicator and EA for free. I am so glad of your free service. I think this is really a great step for you to give us free things and that was really helpful me and like my kind of traders… So only thanks giving is not enough for you. But i didn’t found anything to say without thanks to show my respect to you…. thanks friend and keep giving us free indicator and EA…

    Sorry for my bad English..

  337. Joshua

    Thanks for this wonderful indicator, May God bless u. Now is help me to take right decisions and also enter market at the right time which as resulted to my being consistent in profit making.

  338. jeff

    Hello Karl.. I just brought your fibonacci miracle today and found it quit interesting.. try it on demo and lose only 1 out of 4 position.. made 64 pips overally.. hope it work in live acc.. Thank’s and may god bless u.

  339. ibrahim

    karl thank you so much 4 all and everything,how i wish i know about you b4 now.thanks allot,pce

  340. Darul

    Greetings all
    Profit Greetings , greetings and thanks untur success mr . kardttmann . , I’m from Indonesia are very grateful once with kirin indicator , I will try , and if it’s good I will be here again testimony . for us newbies , will be very thankful to the seniors who are willing to share trading knowledge , systems , EA , scrip and other indicators .
    Thank you and greetings profit

  341. iman eghbali

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    i dont know with what language to compansate your all favavour toward myself .tha time i became familiar with you my whole trades end to win .you are my holly grail.thank you my best friend in the whole world.I KISS YOUR HAND FROM DISTANCE.

    from iran

  342. Mike Jones


    I want to thank you for the Secret Profit Indicator. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on other Forex software products and none of them are as easy to use or as financially rewarding as your Secret Profit Indicator. What a great tool for a beginner trader. Also, thank you very much for your generous “Freebies” support of the entire Forex community.


  343. Ferry Donald

    Hi Karl,

    My name is Ferry from Manado, Indonesia. Huge thanks for all the free indicators that you’ve sent me. I have been using some of your indicators on my demo forex account with great results. You are a very kind person indeed by sending all of the stuff by free of charge. May Jesus bless you much more than you have given to your subscribers. Keep up the excellent work, Karl. I wish you always success!!



    Dear Karl;

    I am using all your free trend indicators in live trading account and almost all the free indicators are working very well up to my expectation.

    can u assist me any expert advisor. which works on GBP/ USD

    i remain

    vellore sndeep

  345. malek

    Thanks for all the effort that I offer to see more of the indicators such as Successful

  346. Jhon

    I saw all comment and was greAt but I don’t know 2 candle blue or red buy or sell we must looking daily candle or hourly or …….?
    Please advise me

  347. Sudhir

    Dear Karl,
    Thanks again for an other indicator you sent me today.I have no words to praise you.All indicators & ebooks i received from you are really of great value.They are improving my skills every time i use them.
    With Regards,

  348. felix

    hi i like your indicator sum are very good but where you need to focus is in volume mt4 lacks in volume indicator this is what proffesional use to read order flow. thanks keep up the good work.

  349. iman eghbali

    dear karl
    hellow and how are you .i prase and appriciate your best kindness toward me and others .you are the best human as you help the others.dear karl your all freebies are the best.i wish you wealth ,healthy,and prosperity.
    dear karl i havent got your daily 100 pips
    9set and forget)would you please to send it to me.

  350. Marc

    Hi Karl,

    I hope all is well. Your new Fibonacci Miracle indicator is one of the best on the market. I pulled in $600.00 in about two & half hours on just the EURUSD – GBPUSD (5 min time frame) The hardest part in trading is knowing when to get out, fibo01 resolves those issues ease. Words alone can’t express my gratitude & appreciation.Keep up the great work. Thank you Sir.

    Marc Rod


    Hi Karl
    I am very grateful I used the FREE indicators You gave me and I am a
    successful trader now. I buy so many indicators but now work for me as
    promise in their contain, but surprisingly I got FREE from you which I applied as directed and finally it works. Please You are a person Which God send to delivered many people from loosen in forex market. I appreciate your effort. GOD will surely Bless you.


  352. John Lu

    Hi Karl,

    Today I carried out my first “live” Fibonacci Miracle “spread bet” trade on the GBP/CHF for 31 points profit. The trade was easy to put on and I felt very relaxed and confident whilst it was in progress (35 minutes).

    Thanks again for your prompt responses to my emails, and for your support and encouragement.

    Best wishes from a very wet London.

  353. Jason Ryan

    Hi Karl, this is Jason from Singapore. Thanks for FiboMiracle. I have used it for a total of 6 trades and made a total of +73pips in 4 days. (Won on 4 trades lost on 2)Thanks Karl, you’re the Man!!

  354. Adebayo

    Hi karl,
    I purchased the fibonacci couple of weeks ago and since then my trading account has grown seriously.losses have reduced drastically.Thanks for your support and encouragement.

  355. yemi

    you are the best i can refer to as far as you’ve gone in supporting and helping to attain greater height where forex trading is concerned. kudos to you

  356. Ali

    Dear Karl,

    I would only to thank you for your fantastic indicator FIBONACCI MIRACLE it is really a miracle since I bought it 14.02.2011, till today 18.02.2011 I made over 500 USD in my very small account So I hope I will have your perfect assistance as long as I am trading and I do always recommend you to all my friends and traders I know.

  357. Albert

    Thank you Karl for great products. The products and ebooks help me trade the coorrect way. No emotions are involved. Keep up the good work. Albert– Miami Gardens, Florida

  358. Elijah

    I tried to get the free trend mt4 indicator:

    http://www.karldittmann.com/nonlagdot.ex4 right click SAVE AS…

    After right click you can ONLY save the link. (not the fle)

    If you double click the link, in an effort to download it, it also doesn’t work, as when I try to save it says I am trying to modify the contents and I am not.

  359. frani

    hi karl, i have your superscalping and your fibonacci miracle indicator, this is the best combination i have ever seen, 1 or two hours working on day and bombastic results, thanks a lot, but i don`t think you can top this

    greets from austria

  360. barrie

    Fibonacci Miracle locked and loaded.Completed 2 trades AUD/USD and EUR/GBP on 15Min charts for $357.Looking good.

  361. Tim Allpress

    Karl – soon after loading my charts with your Fibonacci Miracle software I traded the GBPJPY – 15 Min chart – (first time I have ever traded this pair)and it was a good trade – nice little profit. Thanks.


  362. charles oconnor

    Karl, I purchaed your fibonacci product and installed it on my MT4 platform. The charts look great but in the past 4 hours I have yet to get a call to buy or sell. Should I have had a call by now?

  363. leon

    Hi Karl,i have seen a lot of industries with scams, NEVER have i seen so many as with the forex market. You are one of the very, very few people that not make themselves out to be “GURU’S, EXPERTS or the latest EXPOSE THEM ALL” brigade. Thank you for straightforward, userfriendly EFFICIENT products, for normal people trying to make an living from forex, like me.
    Downloaded the software on 11-02-2011 at 07H28(GMT +2) entered a short trade on the GBPUSD at 11h41. Closed the trade at 13H14 for a profit of 71 pips. GREAT SYSTEM !!!!(Created a problem for yourself on this one Karl, I do not know how you are going to top this)
    Kind Regards
    South Africa

  364. ferdy

    dear karl,
    thanks for your support to us….
    its so great to have a good information from you,,,
    it’s really help us,,
    thanks karl.

  365. reyhan

    hi Karl

    just wanted to thank you for fibonacci miracle…I made over 100 pips with eurusd gbpusd and gold on the first day:) (without beeing by the pc for more than a 30 minutes)I really really love and use all of your indicators but I must say that this one is amazing…and also I really really love that it has all these diffrent tp levels and a stl…I can just set and forget the trades:)

    thanks again

  366. Tom

    Karl your trading indicators,tools and website are becoming a very trusted companion to the trading community.

  367. Lament

    karl you are the man brother…your free products are really helping me in the forex market…I am now hoping that I can quit bloody slave job and start forex full time…I just hope you continue to provide your loyal service to your loyal slaves…

  368. Michael


    Iam new to trading.

    In life we choose to raise or fall.
    The battle between good or evil is not in the heavens the battle is on earth decided by our actions.

    And Dittman is one of the good ones a person of light.

    I have also read that some say dittman is a scam but i have not seen this in anyway i have only seen the opposite.

    For example i got tons and tons of subscribtions with marketers that promise indicators metohods and such for learning but who of them has stood by their word?


    Karl dittman is the first person i have ever seen that in a dark world as today have offered me help support and free tools and iam forever greatful for this.

    Therefore i will show my gratitude in everyway i can and when its possible for me i shall buy every piece of hes software as a support and i will never forget hes helping hand and if i hit the jackpot one day he will be counting on reciving a check from me.

    I never forget thoose that have helped me.

    This man is a blessing.

    In my eyes truly a man of god.

    Bless you Dittman.

    May your heart be open your mind calm and your spirit strong.
    I wish you all the best a strong health and that everything you wish for will be put infront of your feet by this world in this life.

  369. shamsol

    Hello Mr. Karl

    thank you very much for your free indicator. since i know you my knowledge in forex improved. I had lost many times and once i thinks it better for me to surrender. When i found your web site it’s help me a lots. Now i start tread again with your free indicator it’s very helpful. I hope one day i can meet you and if we meet i want to shake hand with you and tell you that i am very happy to know you.
    I am just a person with small salary and with your help i can increase my income and i can bring my children to Mac Donald once a month ( before never ) and they a happy with that. I hope you keep sending me free indicator and advise.

    shamsol jamali
    from Malaysia

  370. John

    Karl: Today I made +28.6 pips in about 1 hour on eur/usd (+12.5, +4.7, +2.2, +9.2).

    On Friday I made +16.8 pips (+7.0, +9.8)

    Last Thursday made +19.8 pips (+6.7, +4.7, +15.0, +8.4, -15.0)

    If I could average 20 pips a day that would be fantastic. Right now just using .1 mini, but once my confidence gets stronger I’ll up the contract size.

    Thanks again, I’m really starting to get used to the indicator. And trying to trade with the trend…which has been easy to follow the last few days of course…John

  371. Rod

    I have a hard time downloading the ziped files, dont know if i have software to unzip the files. I have a hard time inserting the soft ware in the meta4, afraid to mess up comp, you sent me instructions but cant find them, can you help. I have a folder with the metaTrader 4 in it, not on desktop, is this a problem?


  372. Cathy

    Hi Karl

    I have purchased your superscalper, very pleased, great trades during the recommended times for London and US sessions, as a help to anyone who has purchased too, I use your free indicators that you sent me the GMACD and Braintrend with great consistent results.

    Thank you for all you time

  373. Kostya

    Hello! 🙂 Thanks for the indicator and for your all GREAT job!!!
    Your products are very useful for all kinds of traders!!!
    Thank you.

  374. Tim Allpress

    Karl- I recently downloaded your Super Scalper software onto my MT4 platform and on the same day entered 2 trades following your alerts on the EURUSD 1 Min chart soon after the US session opened. Both trades were good, making good profits.
    I look forward to trading these super scalper trades – the alerts look good.

    Regards Tim Allpress

  375. Mateusz Targosz

    Dear Karl
    Thank you for help!!! I am beginner but the free products from you (indicators, systems, methods) are very useful for me:) I test a PHOENIXEA now. This Free Forex EA is verry promising.I began with 250 dollars and after week I have over 1000:p thanks that you answer on my questions and help me:)

    respect for You mister Dittmann;)

    greeting from Poland! Mateusz

  376. Richard

    Thanks for the systems etc. I am still checking them out and will post results later.

  377. Leh

    Hai Karl, i just tried one of yr indicator and it’s really profitable..i got 65pips in one day trading, thanks fr yr free indicators..

  378. Rog

    This just great that you are sending so much good information which helps to understand the characteristics of trading. I do appreciate the help and your good charting aids. It also helps to understand the problems with some of the EAs too.
    Thank you very much.

  379. Bob

    Karl — I purchased the 10 Pips while you sleep system — GREAT RESULTS. I have gone live on this one and it is working very well.

  380. Basav

    Good morning Sir..,


    Thank u so much Mr.PERFECT. GOD BLESS U..

    ——- Basav – INDIA.

  381. Dant

    Thank you very much for all the free indicators, it great help for me to enhanced my knowledge and strategy for Forex business.

  382. John

    Karl: I purchased your Super Scalper and in my first trading I made +16 pips, +16.5 pips, and +15 pips on the EUR/USD all in just over an hour in the New York session! Thanks for the indicator Karl!

  383. Gian Paolo

    Dear Karl,
    Thank you.
    I used for the first time today ,from 13.34 to 14.34 GMT, yr Superscalper and I have a gain of 58 pips with 16 trades on EurUsd.
    Easy and enjoyable.

    Best Regards
    Gian Paolo Giovenzana

  384. Renate

    Subject: RE: Super Scalper – Full Version Order Information

    Hi Karl,

    you will love this……
    Thanks for the indicator.
    Plugged it into the platform – and got my 1st buy signal at 8:40 pm est (USA) for the eur/usd.(buy signal)
    I was only in sim mode but made $ 87.50 in my very first trade – so it paid for your indicator –
    in ‘sim’ of course. I am very excited about these signals. Just got another ‘buy’ signal as I am
    typing – worked well also – THANKS! can’t wait to trade real money. I love it!
    best, Renate

    P.S.NEXT morning:(the e-mail to Karl above I sent last night within the first 10 min after installation of the Super Scalper) This indicator I ordered/received from Karl Dittmann last night is proving to be just what the ‘Doctor’ had ordered for me. It is proving already within the first 12 hours to be an awesome indicator – highly accurate – just amazing.
    THANK you very much Karl!

  385. Dan


    Thanks for the super information i have been receiving. I really appreciate the help its giving me an edge!


  386. graham budrodeen

    Hi Karl,
    Sincerely, a HUGE THANKYOU for all your generosity to your Clients,
    providing all the fabulous basic Education, Systems, & Methods, including fast response to email questions etc. We really do appreciate the fact that you are reparable, & try extremely hard to help us develope into successful traders.
    Kind regards,

  387. Dennis Newbold

    Dear Mr. Dittmann,

    I have in the past purchased several of your products. I wanted to thank you for your honest approach in dealing with online customers:

    1. You never try to “upsell”. I pay for what I get and I get what I pay
    for. I totally detest the upsell approach which is taken by many other
    sellers of online information products and software.

    2. Your customer support is fantastic. The few questions I have emailed to
    you have always been read by a real person, and responded to
    very quickly.

    3. As my knowledge base has increased, I have noticed that a number of your
    e-books simply described a price action or similar strategy
    which I also can find elsewhere for less money. Nevertheless, I
    consider your products to be of great value because they explain the
    strategy / technique in great detail, with full examples, and advice as
    to exceptional conditions under which the strategy should be
    avoided. This helps me to understand and apply it in a much more
    intelligent and useful way than simply reading a brief paragraph or
    two about it in a larger book.

    Thank you very much for all your products and help,


  388. Imade Nathaniel

    Hi Karl,

    I wish to say thank you every much for all the free indicators you have been sending to me, it has help me in my trading, I am very grateful.

    God bless you

    My kind regards,


  389. dean

    karl you are one of the few most genuine traders i have yet to meet, i simply cannot thank you enough for all our kindness and genuine professionalism, a rare person indeed i wish you a most prosperous new year.

  390. kent

    u have been wonderful with ur free indicators and other materials u give 4 free.i have been sucessful using ur indicators on my live account.its only God that will pay u back.keep it up Karl

  391. Daniel Gitahi

    Hi this is good to say it before i go further it may not sound realistic but it is REAL. What is it. I have developed a trading system that is 100 accurate and sure just because of using Mr. Karl Dittmans helpful tools. I am soooo greatful to him for that. I have tried it on many MT4 plaforms and it has worked the same no single trade of loss. It amazes me and even my mind. But i could not have managed it without his help. I wish hime success and all those using his resources to go on and their will reach a level of appreciating it like me. That is am wordlesss about it. I have managed to get even students to pay for training just when their see a demo account perform wonders. Please believe it because it has happened to me. I AM TRADING WITH NO SINGLE LOSS OR GUESS WORK.



  392. Hassan

    Dear Karl
    You are unique individual
    Like you are rare in this world
    Without any expectation you all can help regardless of race or country or …
    You are perfect man
    I know I love you
    Thank you for everything
    Hassan from Iran

  393. P.Murali

    Hi karl sir,
    I just become to know about u from my friend,
    i’m using your Beginner Software to Trade its Working in nice way. For scalping which product is fine & Excellent Inform me to buy as soon as Possible. Thank You.

    Introducing Broker Alpari Forex (India)p ltd.,

  394. Ed

    Good morning Karl,

    I’ve already a couple of your systems and I’m happy with them.
    Now there are still so much of your other systems that I’m interested in.
    Question: could you not offer bundles of your systems at interesting prices for those people that would like to buy several ones?



  395. vijayakumar

    Respected sir,

    I really appreciated your hard work thnks a lot sir……

  396. Kyron Noel

    Hello Karl,

    Since purchasing your ‘Instant Buy Sell Signal’ system I have already made 36 pips in profit trading the Gbp/Usd. But the pair later went on to make over 200 pips the following day. I also made 76 pips on the Eur/Usd.

    I really would like to know how these signals are generated?. Are they sent automatically or are they sent by a team of experienced Programmers on a daily basis?

    Good work,excellent system, I am pleased with my purchase.


    Kyron Noel

  397. Andreas

    Hi Karl,

    compliment on the “Super Profit Indicator

    I was able to double my account in less then 10 trading days.
    See copy below!!
    It could be even better, if your signal alerts could be forwarded to a smart phone. Then you can access your computer remotly any time through your phone and take even more trades, without sitting in front of your PC. WAITING for update!!!
    Also would make a great sales point for the indicator!

    Liebe Gruesse in den hohen Norden, did you move into the castle


    Account: 208XXXXXXX Name: Andreas Currency: USD 2010 December 14, 07:13
    Closed Transactions:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
    39381012 2010.12.13 16:10 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.33930 0.00000 1.33950 2010.12.13 17:01 1.33950 0.00 0.00 0.00 20.00
    39379019 2010.12.13 15:57 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.33790 0.00000 0.00000 2010.12.13 16:09 1.33870 0.00 0.00 0.00 80.00
    39147150 2010.12.10 07:31 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.32798 0.00000 1.32800 2010.12.13 12:16 1.32800 0.00 0.00 -0.14 2.00
    39118356 2010.12.10 04:00 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.32485 0.00000 1.32700 2010.12.10 07:01 1.32700 0.00 0.00 0.00 215.00
    38939427 2010.12.08 20:18 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.32500 0.00000 0.00000 2010.12.09 04:23 1.33067 0.00 0.00 -0.42 567.00
    38868922 2010.12.08 06:54 sell 1.00 eurusd 1.32074 0.00000 1.31920 2010.12.08 09:06 1.31920 0.00 0.00 0.00 154.00
    38744860 2010.12.07 03:23 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.33479 0.00000 1.33700 2010.12.07 08:21 1.33700 0.00 0.00 0.00 221.00
    38642093 2010.12.06 06:03 sell 1.00 eurusd 1.33426 0.00000 0.00000 2010.12.06 15:19 1.32868 0.00 0.00 0.00 558.00
    38393414 2010.12.02 19:37 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.32152 0.00000 0.00000 2010.12.02 22:45 1.32164 0.00 0.00 -1.23 12.00
    38370634 2010.12.02 18:09 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.32000 1.31500 1.32000 2010.12.02 18:40 1.32000 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
    38301807 2010.12.02 07:27 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.31650 0.00000 1.32300 2010.12.02 16:29 1.32300 0.00 0.00 0.00 650.00
    38210196 2010.12.01 05:25 buy 1.00 eurusd 1.30285 1.30400 1.30900 2010.12.01 10:21 1.30900 0.00 0.00 0.00 615.00
    38210175 2010.12.01 05:24 balance Deposit 3 000.00
    0.00 0.00 -1.79 3 094.00
    Closed P/L: 3 092.21
    Open Trades:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
    No transactions
    0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
    Floating P/L: 0.00
    Working Orders:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Market Price
    No transactions

    Deposit/Withdrawal: 3 000.00 Credit Facility: 0.00
    Closed Trade P/L: 3 092.21 Floating P/L: 0.00 Margin: 0.00
    Balance: 6 092.21 Equity: 6 092.21 Free Margin: 6 092.21

  398. Kyron Noel

    Hi Karl,
    Thanks a million for all the free indicators you have sent me. The one I really do like which has given something like 133 pips on a few occasions on my demo account is the ‘Simple Price Based Trading System’ where no indicators are involved.

    Regarding your support service, I can honestly say it is super great. I have never had to wait longer than two days for a response.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.


  399. Peter

    Dear Karl,

    Thanks very much for your latest 10 PIPS WHILE I SLEEP. You share a great secret with us. This system is absolutely great. I make consistently 10 pips a day with option 1. It is pure profit!
    I also try option 2 – and also with succes. So far I earn around the 70 pips when I use this option. But I prefer option 1 – it is more stable.
    You are not only very kind but you are also my best Forex-teacher.
    I am very happy with your great systems.

    Thank you again very much for sharing the 10 PIPS WHILE I SLEEP !

  400. Natalia Featonby

    Dear Karl! In two days I have done 21 trades using few of your systems. 19 of them are winners!!! I never have seen such a success in my trading experience before! I love you Karl!!! Bless you!!!It is incredible!!!

  401. Jean-Marie DINDIN

    I appreciate all that you do in order to help us.

  402. Mr.T

    Karl, your indicators are great, especially for a first time beginner like myself. Keep up the good work.

  403. BISMI

    i have buy the superprofitindicator by karl dittmann and it works very good,
    this software is easy to use,you wait to make a good entry in to the market ,with a little patience, you win ,but you always stay concentrate because the forex market is all except routine and this is so exciting
    danke shon karl

  404. Rajoo


    Ever since I stumbled onto your site I have bought almost all of your products. I find all your systems well thought out and easy to use. Your manuals are straightforward without any of the useless fluff that the many so-called gurus dish out these days.

    Just today I purchased your latest 10 Pips While I Sleep system It is a really amazing system. As soon I had finished reading the concise manual I entered a trade in the EURUSD pair in my live account. Two hours later I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had already banked in the ten pips. Thank you for sharing this profitable system with us.

    The other system of yours that I use to pull in pips is the “superprofit” one. I use this system together with support and resistance for added guidance. It is a stress-free way of trading.

    I have been trading forex for about five years and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on live courses, online courses, e-books, you name it. Most of them were junk peddled by hucksters. In my experience there are only two online forex gurus who have integrity. And Karl…you are certainly one of them.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your systems with your followers.

    Best Regards,


  405. Vassilis

    Hi Karl,
    I purchased your new product “10 pips while I sleep” and was able to make my first 10 pips from the very first day. I know that just one day is not enough but the system is so simple and logical that I do not see why it will not work in the future. This is the third product I got from you and all are very effective.
    Thank you once again for your constant support.
    Kos island – Greece

  406. Gary

    GREAT DAY – ALMOST MADE $300.00 (10k trades) first day following exactly what Super Profit Indicator said to do (1hour charts for 8 majors) from 7am to 4pm. I have also loaded and am running 2 other top robot programs that couldn’t come close to your program. One followed your signals but were 1-3 hours behind and when there was a descrepency – yours blew it away (so much for man verses robot controversy). Practicing with demo next week and then I am taking it live.
    Thanks for bringing my confidence back to believing that you can not only make money at FOREX but that you can make a comfortable living with the right tools. Also love the fact that I actually participated in each trade decision.

  407. Kyron Noel

    Hello Karl,

    Thank you for the free products you have been sending me. I find them extremely useful as they form an added confirmation when there is a trend and when there is not a trend.

    All the other products I have received such as Candle Sticks, Forex Systems, Simple Price Based System etc are all in a special folder which i treasure away from accidental deletions.

    Once again, a million thanks and keep up the good work


  408. Shah Ahmad

    Hi Karl,

    Shah Ahmad here.I’ve just purchased your Super Profit Indicator yesterday.It’s really great indicator.Combination Super Profit Indicator and Trend and Flat Indicator is so powerfull,high accuracy, more than 93%+.To me,the combination this two indicators is best of the best.I’m really confidence like what you said in your website…NEVER LOSE TRADES.In my word..NO MORE LOSES…hahhahhahaa..120% satisfaction.
    Thanks a lots for sharing this two powerfull indicator.

    The most important thing to me you can safe many people out there and they can make money with your powerfull indicators.You can safe their life from scammers(“FOREX GURUS”).I’m really appreciate it.God bless you buddy!
    Thank you,
    Shah Ahmad

  409. David Y

    Thank you Karl for your continued support. Your PDF file, Hidden Forex Pips, showed me the way to have winning trades using candlestick charting. I know have greater knowledge of price action strategy. Karl’s Super Profit Indicator and Secret Profit Indicator work great. Because of what I have learned from Karl, I am ready to trade live next week. I feel very confident. Karl has changed me from a loser to a winner in the forex market.

  410. Felix

    Hi Karl,

    You know I love all you, looking out for us and spending time to make sure we succeed. When we succeed, we are available to look for new products. Please keep doing what you do best,teaching strategies.

    Thank you again.

  411. Akbar

    Dear karl thank you very much for all the nice tools and kind heart .I am using your free indicators .I intended to buy two of your indicators but because of my locality,they dont provide it here.Keep up the great work .God bless you.

  412. dave W

    Dear Karl
    I have purchased 2 products from you currently but have not had much time to work on them
    I am thinking about the new super indicator but some people on the blog also mention this works with Trend and Flat are these available / free do you have a url for them ?


    Dave W

  413. Satya Sheela

    Dear Karl,

    I have not yet bought any products from you but I have been observing all the comments that are coming from the members. Some of them have gone to the extent of saying;

    GOD will surely rewarding you,

    God bless you,

    you came as God,

    He is not only an expert but especially a very kind human that people helps a lot,

    “Honesty, integrety, and trust are what you receive when you deal with and make friends with Karl”. etc etc.

    These comments are wonderful. God has given you brain/knowledge and blessed you to make money. I am sure you are doing a yeomen service to the humanity by sharing your knowledge and not keeping yourself.

    I am sure you are filthy rich by now. So you do not need to sell any products at high price and make money and I guess that’s the reason your products are moderately priced compared to other products in the market. If you could reduce your price bit little between $30-$40 which is affordable for a new trader.

    People are giving testimonies that all your products are working very well. Now I am confused and do not know which one I have to buy. Based on the testimony the following products are doing very well:
    “100 Pips Daily – Set and Forget”
    Trend and Flat indicator
    “Buy Sell Signal Alert”

    Could any user or Karl help me in making decision to buy the “THE SUPER” product of Karl ?.



  414. Wade

    Trend and Flat is one of the most awesome indicators I have ever seen!!!!
    Well done 🙂 Trend and flat will indeed save me thousands of pips that may have easily gone to false signals.

  415. aris

    hi karl

    all your product is so amazing..i really like your super indicator..now i’m very confident to go live in trading forex and become a succesful trader..

  416. Ken MacLean

    Hi Karl
    I havent tried out your indicators yet but I will be in the next few weeks and I will let you know what I think. But I would like to thank you for your quick responces to any email I have sent you and for all the free information . I hope I can find one that works for me and I am looking forword to purchaseing some of your products. Thank you again and I will keep in touch.
    Ken MacLean

  417. Rub Bish

    Wow, dear Karl, what can I say, all your indicators are fantastic.
    I made in half a day 4327 pips, that is what I used to make in a whole year.
    You are my hero.

    Thank you so much.

  418. Peter

    Dear Karl,

    I am very happy and grateful you just launched the brand new “SUPER PROFIT INDICATOR” – it is not only the best indicator you can get, it is a complete super trading system. By far the best and most profitable system, I have. The “SUPER PROFIT INDICATOR” is so accurate that you can make a lot of profits on all pairs and all timeframes. I use the 15M Timeframe on all major pairs and you have to see my screen: It is unbelievable!
    You probably won’t believe me but it is already changing my life and I am not exaggerating when I say this indicator will change my life complete financial. Thank you very much to give us world’s best Forex indicator.


  419. Star

    Dear All,

    I have purchased all the products by Karl. And I must he is the Best guy out there. His products are simple and unique. I have tried all his systems and have had great results and last and the most profitable combination being the Trend Flat Indicator with his newly launched Super profit indicator. I fell in love with his products after the trend flat indicator. It is a must have for each and everyone who wish to avoid flat markets. I am truly obliged to have a mentor and coach like karl who has always helped and replied to all my emails every single time. I am not really a great programmer but i can imagine the efforts gone into making super profit indicator. Its better to spend a few dollars in getting these two amazing products rather than losing our heard earned money. You need to follow the basic rules, “Always trade the trend and use these indicators and i am sure you will be profitable. In fact even a newbie can use this indicator and make money.

    Thanks again Karl for being a good mentor and coach. God Bless you


  420. Michael R

    Hi, Karl,

    Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on your Never Lose Trade system, which I’ve had for some time now.

    I really like the NLT because it’s so simple. It only takes a few minutes to understand and set up, it’s completely manual, and in the instructions, you’ve outlined EXACTLY what must be in place before placing a trade. Plus you’re in and out by 10 a.m. or so EST. Sweet!

    I’m pretty sure a 10-year old kid could trade successfully with the NLT. Another thing I like is that you don’t need a screen full of wiggly indicators, either. Very quick trades, very clean screen.

    Thanks for the NLT system plus your fast responses to my questions and all the free stuff you give away. It’s much appreciated!


    Michael R
    Texas, USA

  421. Tony

    Dear karl, l want to use this medium to appreciate you for your effort and kind support to me in particular and a host of other out there. lndeed you are so wonderful. As a matter of fact your your materiale have been so helpful to me as a person. Please do maintain the tempo God will surely reward you.

  422. Jacques


    What can I say? I Love what you are doing here . I have purchased different tools from you, I have got free tools from you and they are all great. Keep up the good work and don’t let any body discourage you.


  423. hvefam

    Hi Karl Ditmann,

    I congratulate you all for your studies,
    really good and useful information I received from you so far.

    Like you, I get about ten people who e-mails I received from you, but inside the most useful bilig and indicators, thank you very much.

    Research, and expects continued success,
    I present my respects ..


  424. saiful

    Dear Karl,
    Thanks a lot for all the freebies that you have email for me.As a newbie in this world,its help me a lot.But for right now I only use them in demo account because I want to make sure I really understand about the market movement and how the freebies works.

    Thanks Again.

  425. oluwaseyi

    dear karl
    its 19th october 2010: in all sincerity i ve realy enjoyed all of your free indicators because they are really absolutely impressive but althou quite unfortunately tht i hvnt bn opportune to purchase any of your acclaimed amazing product because i’m jus tryin to arise fr forex but its a promise i will make purchase order as soon as possible. Weldone & keep up wt the great job you re doing,karl

  426. jitu

    Mr Karl, thanks for your valuble trend identification indicator, it will be very useful for a new traders. you are very kind person thanks once again, have a nice day



  427. Sami

    Dear Karl,
    I have to admit that your Trend and Flat indicator is a realy good one. I do not enter a trade unless Trend and Flat indicator confirms other indicators those I am using along side. With confirmation of Trend and Flat indicator I gain good pips. My account has changed from Loss to Profit considerably. If the TnF indicator does not confirm a trade, though other indicators are doing so, I wait confirmatoin of TnF what ever time it takes, which is not much, to confirm entry.
    Honestly, I would recommend this Trend and Flat as a necessary tool for entry/exit confirmation.
    Thnx n regards,
    P.S. I am talking Real/Live account, not Demo.

  428. Amador

    Hi Karl,

    Thank you for your generosity. Your softwares are tops,
    even the free ones. It has been a while now with your
    products and I just have nothing negative about them.
    Again, my sincere thanks and do keep it up.

    Kind regards,


  429. rodolfo jaramillo lozano

    Karl Hello good day:
    He commented that the product is extraordinary because after installing it opened three operations which donated 163 pips.Sinceramente you did not like a robot so extraordinary, I give my sincere thanks.

  430. Satya

    Dear Karl,

    I am Satya from India & your fan for a long time. I have been receiving several forex products from you but i never used one. The reason behind this is ” I had a very bad experience with other Forex experts from whom I bought indicators/signals/EAs and finally ended up in frustration & took refunds because they were useless.

    I visited this blog accidently and I could see a lot of people are praising you and your products. I am regaining confidence and try your products.

    I guess your recent product is EA and you have attached trading results and it is really interesting. I wish to know whether those results are Live account or Demo ?. I am doubtful because there was no broker commision deduction in the results.

    Please clarify.

    Hello my fellow small traders – could you give your opinion in this regard ?.



  431. Philip Martin

    Hello Mr Karl.

    Is this your product .

    I just both it.

    Thank you

  432. Michael R

    I bought your Trend and Flat indicator last week and would like to say that it’s kept me out of several bad trades that my other indicators would have put me in. Like everything I’ve bought or gotten free from you, it works, it’s affordable an I really like it.

    Thanks for your help and the quality products. (Rare out in Forex Land!)



  433. illlibin

    Thank you i have tried your 1mn scalping indikator it very useful i
    tried in demo forex for one week i gain 90% profit thank you i will
    use it for the real forex soon.

    thank you God Bless

  434. Damir

    Hello Karl, greetings from South and thanks a lot indeed for nonlagdot… it is promising a lot but I have only observed how it works on my MT4 because as I have said I will be stack here in Argentina on my dredging unit for another two weeks and right now my internet is coming-and-going every few minutes, so not convenient for a moment haha…
    For now I stick by set-and-forget metod…
    Best regards,

  435. Madzpur A Rahman

    Hi Karl
    I purchased the Instantforex software recently. I tried on a demo account the 1st day and managed a profit of 35 pips. Then I braved myself to use it in my real account the 2nd day. I found that the software is awesome and a real winner. I manage to profit 240 pips. I was surprise as this the most I had manage to make in 1 day so far. I hope to make more pis from now on.
    Thank you again Karl!

  436. w ibrahim w abas

    hai karl.i am from malaysia and i have a few hundreds forex systems with me.i studied and backtests almosts all of them.some are complicated some are simple but the most important is profitablity and consistency.i found out all your systems are simple and very very profitable.after trading for three years using different forex software now i switched using your system and i am making at least 100pips a day.you see i have B.SC and M.SC from scotland and i am capable in money market and i am very satisfied with your systems.if any trader want to trade forex do not waste money buying expensive systems.i guarantee anybody Karl systems are the best systems.THANKS AGAIN

  437. Katherine

    Hi Karl,
    I always open what you send first. It has been very helpful.
    I really appreciate and test with good results.
    You are the man!
    Thank you.

  438. kizitoi

    karl hi, it me again just got the nonlagdots it works like a charm but must i wait for the second dot before placing my trade??

    thanks a million like i always say you are my lucky star

  439. Bard Nejad

    Hi Karl,
    Thank you so much for the excellent work you’ve done, it’s been a great help and is very much appreciated.

    Best regards
    Bard Nejad

  440. Alexandra

    It´s an enourmous great job you are doing there compiling all indicators, videos, articles to send us good material, thanks a lot, every week I´m waiting for it.

    Do you have any indicator that mark the exit of the orders? preferable making any kind of sound signal, a beepin alerttag?

    Because I´m missing the exits and loosing part of the generated pips, and also missing if there could be some partial exit like S1,S2

    Thanks in advance, I´ll wait for your answer on this one

    Dominican Republic

  441. Mason

    Hi Karl:

    Thank you for your products, I have been using the 100 pip set and forget for the last few weeks, with amazing results.

    I trade 6 yen pairs (USD/JPY, CAD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, and NZD/JPY)

    I use a trade management software (Forex Executor Pro) to place the pending trade orders and then manage the trades if they are opened. I place 2 BUY trades and 2 SELL Trades for each pair (a total of 24 pending orders!)

    The trade management software is great, I program the first trade to close once it hits a 20 pip profit, and the other trade to trail the current price by 20 pips…so it can take advantage of bigger moves.

    Its a very good system, as I average 80-90% wining trades, and earn 3-5% returns on my deposits every day!

    Thank you so much for sharing the 100 pip set and forget system, it is great and I feel I can finally make consistent income in the forex market!!

    Best regards, and I look forward to your future products ( I am going to start using Instant profit Forex next week…so I will let you know how that goes..)

    Mason Kureshi

  442. plig

    How is the easy way to determine the current trend in a intraday point of view?

  443. Muyen

    Thank u Karl Dittmann.for your support service I really appreciate it the e-books on forex systems is very helpfull for me
    Thank you once again.

  444. Peter

    Dear Karl,

    Allow me to make a correction of my previous comment. You don’t have to wait always 4 to 5 hours after a trade but it happens regularly.
    You only have to stay in the trade as long as the line is red or blue – when the line change color, stop the trade with profit.


  445. Peter

    Dear Karl,

    I am so very happy and grateful with your “Buy Sell Signal Alert” system.
    For now it is by far my best trading system.

    Yesterday afternoon I got alerts on the EURUSD (15M), EURGBP (15M) and USDJPY (15M). 4 to 5 hours later I won 258 pips! EURUSD 176 pips – EURGBP 48 pips and USDJPY 34 pips.

    First I did not know that I had to wait for 4 to 5 hours on a 15M TimeFrame – now I do.
    When the blue or red line continues , stay in the trade as long as the blue or red line change color.
    Stay patient and you ‘ll win very many pips!
    You probably won’t believe me but this night, I won again – over 300 pips!

    This system is very powerful and I can recommend it to everyone.
    It can happen that you lose a bit in the beginning (It happens to me regularly) – don’t worry: stay in the trade – it is only in the beginning.

    Thank you very much for this great system. I am very grateful!


  446. Mick

    Warren, what timeframe did you use the buy/sell alert on? Was there any certain pairs that you traded?
    I gained around 2000.00 on a 50,000.00 demo account in a week but I traded a lot of different currencies and tried the M1, M5, and M15 with the M15 timeframe seeming more profitable. I’m still new at this.

    Thanks, Mick

  447. Nurudeen Usman


    It is really amazing using the indicators, for the last three weeks I made consistent pips. Float indicator is very excellent,
    Thanks a lot for your support.


  448. warren

    Buy/Sell Alert
    my demo results after 1 week:
    Deposit/Withdrawal: $ 50,000.00
    Closed Trade P/L: $ 19,368.20
    Balance: $ 69,368.20
    Floating P/L: -$ 7,256.04
    Equity: $ 62,112.16

    Gross Profit: $ 20,309.64
    Gross Loss: $ 941.44
    Total Net Profit: $ 19,368.20
    Profit Factor: 21.57
    Expected Payoff: 345.86
    Absolute Drawdown: 0.00
    Maximal Drawdown: 941.44 (1.46%)
    Relative Drawdown: 1.46% (941.44)
    Total Trades: 56
    Profit Trades 53 (94.64%)
    Loss trades 3 (5.36%)

  449. Jim

    Hi, Could you expound on this previously submitted question
    Aug 4th,

    I recently bought your Forexsecretprofit signal system and i’ve had some good trades, haven’t lost any of the 11 trades i’ve made. Please can you help me on how i can use forex news to better my trade and to give me more confidence. Also i noticed that all signals came from the alert dialogue box and not the red or green signal tools, is it normal? sometimes the signal tool shows up several minutes after the alert dialogue box had come. Please throw more light on this,.


  450. Daly

    I appreciate very much your products,
    specially the free indicators,
    probably the best help stuff from Karl Dittmann !
    I wish you all the best,


  451. traders jprizain

    thanks for all your free staffs….you help many traders a lot…

  452. chchiew

    Dear Karl,

    I really appreciate your kindness and generousity by giving me so many free tools and indicators. However can you pls recommend 1 or 2 most reliable trading system so it will not so confusing especially for newbies.
    You are really a great person,thanks a lot!

    All the best,
    Chiew from Sarawak,Malaysia

  453. Thomas

    Hello Mr Dittman,

    I have bought several of your products.They all seem to do what you say.
    I have also downloaded and tried most all the free indicators and such you have sent my way.
    A big thank-you for all you have done.
    You have become very trustworthy to me.
    I always look foreword to emails you send my way.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    BTW, I particularly like the
    100 Pips Daily – Set and Forget system, works well in a liquid market.

    – Thomas (New York, USA)

  454. Johann

    Thank you for your constant interest and steady flow of free gifts. Thank you too for your kind support. You’re a star Karl.

  455. Victor

    You are most generous in sharing all these Free Indicators. I am looking to benefit from some of them. Can you please let me know the 2 Most Profitable ones.
    Thank you.

  456. Jeff

    Hi Karl,

    Thank you for the indicator! I will test it to see if it is useful or not. I will let you know the result soon.

    I am happy for your service.


  457. Olalekan John Ronald

    Hello Karl,

    I got a look of your buysellsignalalert indicator, it is great. But can you improve on it to give buy and sell alert 1 bar earlier than its originally programmed? Doing it this way, it will be reducing loss and maximize profit.




    Olalekan John Ronald (one of your signal buyers from Nigeria)

    Thank you

  458. John


    As a novice Forex trader I never thought that I could profit with Forex. I tried a few of your tools, and changed my mind. Thanks so much for all of your help, and just being there for all of us.


  459. Jan

    Hi Karl,
    Just a short note to say thank you for all the help and support you have given me. I also would like to thank you for all the free indicators I get regularly in my inbox from you. I have bought most of your systems and find them all to be very accurate. I look forward to trying out this latest one you have sent. God bless you and your family for all your honesty and integrity.
    Best wishes

  460. rodolfo jaramillo lozano

    traducción del español al inglés
    Hi Karl, receive my sincere greeting

    I just installed your new indicator nonlagdot and according to its configuration, the platform is ahead of the trend that will be extraordinary to make decisions when entering the market.
    Together with the other indicator will Prosystem Ditman Karl ua wonderful couplet.

    Thanks Karl for this gift.



  461. Efstratios

    Dear Karl,
    Thank you for the recent free indicator, as well as for all interesting information on forex trading you are sending us from time to time, caring really to be equiped with latest software tools or trading systems to be successful.
    I have purchased two systems from you, but I think the recent one (Buy/Sell Signal Alert) is the best so far. It gives correct signals on M5 and M15 charts, I am going to trade with it also higher time frame charts. I hope to get in the near future an automatic EA for frequent trading of the major charts with same or even better success.
    Thank you again.

  462. Pramod

    Hi Karl

    You are very sincere in your support. You always keep in touch with your customers and keep them offering new products and services. I really appreciate and have very high regard for you.

    God bless you and hope to receive your support in future also.


  463. bill major

    Karl,thank you for the Pro System software. It works like a charm and i have made profits when i used it along with other indicators as confirmation.ive pissed away alot of money on some EA’s and this has done what they couldnt . make me a profit!
    thank you.
    gratefully yours
    bill major

  464. Steve

    Thanks Karl,
    Today was the first day for me to use your software and it was the easiest 90 pips i have ever had.
    Thanks again

  465. Maggie Axford


    You have done a great job with the “Buy/Sell Signal Alert” indicator. It really does surpass all that came before. I use it on my range bar charts and it is extremely accurate. Everyone should invest in this one.

  466. Neves Chrichlow

    Hi Karl I bought the Software and my first trade was good. I did some back tests and there are trades everywhere. I lined it up neck to neck with some of my more expensive indicators and I noticed that your indicator was taking me in the trade earlier. It has a faster entry trigger. This will allow me to be in the trade before a reversal and still move with it after a retracement. Keep up the Great work. Thanks again

  467. Perrie iles

    End of week 1
    start account = $3,000
    end of week $3,813 with $162 in open trades
    that’s well over 30% in one week
    I was hoping to acheive 1% – or maybe 2% per day !

  468. mark

    I am very happy with the Buy Sell signals. Would it be possible to automate this Indicator as I can not watch my computer and that would be great.
    You are the man

  469. Peter

    Dear Karl,
    The “Buy, Sell, Signal, Alert” is absolutely stunning. In all the excitement, I forgot to count the pips already made with your system– it must be around the 300.
    I saw only the real money coming in……… It is really amazing.
    Especially the EURUSD and the USDJPY are winners on a 15M chart.
    I won about 20 trades on the EURUSD and not one loose!
    I am very grateful for this great system – It is the best trading system you can get. Thank you very much, Karl.

  470. Perrie iles

    Total trades done using 2 of your indicators are now up approx 600 pips, i’m hoping for around 1000+ THESE INDICATORS ARE THE REAL DEAL !!!!!!!

  471. Perrie iles

    The trade is now up 150 pips, i’ve found i prefer to use the 4hour charts, with checking on 1hr, 1 day and 1 week. the multi trend dashboard also helps

  472. Perrie iles

    My 1st trade with the indicator system you are selling.
    So far your 2 indicators plus my discretion are doing well
    +90 pips on one currency, my feeling is that it will
    probably go to around +300.

    If you have the discipline to use the indicator properly
    then gains will be VERY good – remember DON’T OVERLEVERAGE

  473. Ricardo

    Your Buy Sell Signal Alert indicator is amazing, very powerfull and more exact that you said.
    I use it and help me to see the market in a diferent way I use to, so I became profitable.
    Thank you for your work, it”s really good.
    Best regards and again, congratulation.

  474. Peter

    Dear Karl,
    Thank you for all your help. I am relative new at the Forex and I can highly recommand Karl if you are new in this business but also if you are a more experienced trader. He sends you regular e-mails with a lot of useful information. Also free trading systems, indicators, ea’s etc. – all easy to use and powerfull.

    It happens only once that I didn’t understand a system and I was
    reading and reading – suddenly it was 6 AM – My wife got out of bed and told me: You spend the whole night behind your computer? Are you crazy?
    I told her: Not yet, but I am getting there. This was a system that you need to read over and over again before you understand it. So boring……
    But I can tell that all the other systems, Karl sends are really great and easy to understand. He is not only an expert but especially a very kind human that people helps a lot at the Forex-market. Thank you very much, Karl!


    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for providing such tools. I am really happy to receive your new tool which is working fine in MT4. Yesterday I have tested the same and working excellent. In may early stage, I have lost all my money due to poor trading knowledge. Yesterday, you came as God and provided the new tool. I hope I can make some profits . Thank you so much. P.P.Narayanan

  476. william guzman

    i was very happy to down load the secrect rpofit on my platform
    is a very nice tool to help you more on this dificult market
    this strategy work very well for me is one of the best 100 indicador out there the really help you make more pips than anything else
    best regard
    william guzman

  477. rodolfo jaramillo lozano

    Regards Hello Karl:

    I have two indicators yours but for me, the best is the Karldittman Profit.
    It is excellent when the signal input and one waits for 38.2% of the back swing and then fiboncci program entry to take 100% PROFIT in 161.8%. It has a certainty of success of 80% or . This is the best indicator of all 20 I’ve had.
    Karl Graia and Abaza,

    Proponer una traducción mejor
    Gracias por proponer una traducción al Traductor de Google.
    Sugiere una traducción mejor:
    Regards Hello Karl:I have two indicators yours but for me, the best is the Karldittman Profit.It is excellent when the signal input and one waits for 38.2% of the back swing and then fiboncci program entry to take 100% PROFIT in 161.8%. It has a certainty of success of 80% or . This is the best indicator of all 20 I’ve had.Karl Graia and Abaza,Rodofo.

    Idiomas disponibles para traducción:

    checo chino
    criollo haitiano
    euskera finlandés
    húngaro indonesio
    malayo maltés

  478. Trevor

    Karl is one of the most generous people in this business. I have struggled and have lost over $14,000 trading the forex. I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars on forex systems. Very few of which have been successful. I have tried 2 of Karl’s systems, (100 pip set and forget, and No Loss Forex), and on my way back up. His strategies have produced over 100 pips per day, and the systems are so simple, a child could understand. I look forward to ordering all of Karl’s systems, and retiring very very soon.

  479. S.GANESAN

    Dear Karl,

    Your service is excellent. You have helped me many times.last week i buy your hidden pips full version its very useful for me very very thank you s mush.


  480. Trevor

    Thank you very much for the 100 pip set and forget it strategy. I have been averaging 50 pips per day just using this one strategy. I look forward to seeing more of your strategies!!!


  481. HjMahmood

    Dear Karl,

    I am propose your software give 3days free trail for newbiz like me and you can accept payment via libertyreserve account or strctpay account.


  482. Johann

    Thank you so much Karl for your help with this strategy. It is so simple that I almost fell off my chair. However, it is the only one that I have ever bought (and I’ve just about bought them all) that really gives me income on a consistent basis. Thanks so much and good luck to you.

    Kindly and gratefully

  483. moses

    You are a very resouceful person,i just visited your blog page and i saw more tools than i thought you had.
    I am presently using one of the free tools you sent me and its doing wonderfully well.
    Thank you,keep it up.

  484. Kestas

    Thank u Karl Dittmann. YOur indicators is very good and profit 😉

  485. John Bryant

    I continue to purchase and use Karl’s products as adjuncts to my active Forex trading. All of his products and assistance are above first class. I have now known Karl for about a year. He’s my trusted friend and mentor. He’s always available for me and my immediate needs. If asked, he’ll freely comment on my “other” purchases and integration of all software. He’s my friend. Let him be yours as well. Honesty, integrety, and trust are what you receive when you deal with and make friends with Karl. His new program “100 Pips..” is most excellent. He has so much experience. There’s no reason to be alone out there when Karl’s ready to assist you. John Bryant; Reno, NV USA

  486. Abbey

    Wow Mr Karl I just got your cci arrows and Indeed its a wonderful tool for beginners like me I want to thank you GREATLY for sending it to me I know that the Almighty God will surely reward you.
    Abbey (Nigeria)

  487. Afam

    The world has so many great and mighty men but only few has helpul heart but in the case of mr karl he is just a gift to humanity.

  488. Peter

    Dear Karl,

    Your service is excellent. You have helped me many times.
    I have over 100 EA’s and over 50 manual trading systems and not one works.
    Then I read your “Hidden Forex Pips” system and it sounds interesting. I decided to purchase it and I can tell, this is the only manual system I have that makes profits (a lot). It gives a very good feeling to make profits for the first time in my life – I am very grateful – Thank you so much for all your kind help and this great system.

  489. hardy

    i see karl have launch total 5 web forex system, the last is hidden profit..
    can every body give rating 1-10 according how often profit or not to 5 web?

  490. Richard V

    Hey Karl,

    I hope all is well. I now have the perfect trading system due to your FX Secret Signal indicator. The indicator has helped me take many pips out of the Forex market. FX Secret Signal indicator has changed my trading life style for the better & for that I’m very grateful. The indicator took a little while to implement into my trading system however once I did, it was a game killer. The indicator by itself is great however when used with other custom indicator systems you’ll realize that you have achieved perfection.

    I made a 130 pips last night on the USDJPY which I never trade and I’m up 330 on the weekly via the GBPUSD pair. Great Job Karl. Thank you & have a great weekend.

    Richard V

  491. Nizar KILI

    Hello Karl,

    I really appreciate sending your free ebooks and indictors.Your free products have proved to be quite useful.

    FOREX HIDDEN PIPS and 100 PIPS DAILY (set and forget) systems have proved to be easy to use,very profitable and suitable for both
    beginners and professional traders.

    Thank you for your kind support and wish you all the best,

    Nizar Kili


  492. Nizar KILI

    Hello Karl,

    I really appreciate sending your free ebooks and indictors.Your free products have proved to be quite useful.

    FOREX HIDDEN PIPES and 100 PIPS DAILY (set and forget) systems have proved to be easy to use,very profitable and suitable for both
    beginners and professional traders.

    Wish you all the best,

    Nizar Kili


  493. Segrid Herrera

    “100 Pips Daily – Set Forget” as good as win
    Dear Karl.
    Today, Friday, August 6 began, once again, to test your system “100 Pips Daily – Set and Forget.” And after analyzing the JPY currency pairs, I set the following sales for USDJPY:
    Sell: USDJPY
    And at 8:30 am-Hours New York had made a profit of 100 pips. This confirms the consistency and benefit from your system “100 Pips Daily – Set Forget”

    Best Regards.

  494. James

    Thanks once again Karl.

    I’m trying to put all the information together, I believe I have a real gold mine of information now.



  495. Jie

    Thank you! Karl Dittman.
    Since I got your ForexSecretProfitSystem and your services,It’s advantage and profited to me. This’s the best software I have known. It point a right entry, time and protection for the traders. You’re the great. All the best!

  496. Best

    It is a pleasure getting so free helpful materials and tools from you. Thank you so much for these great work. You have been so helpful. Even the indicators are nice. Good work!

  497. Tony

    Hello Karl,

    I recently bought your Forexsecretprofit signal system and i’ve had som good trades, havent lost any of the 11 trades i’ve made. Please can you help me on how i can use forex news to better my trade and to give me more confidence. Also i noticed that all signals came from the alert dialogue box and not the red or green signal tools, is it normal? sometimes the signal tool shows up several minutes after the alert dialogue box had come. Please throw more light on this,.


  498. Rajesh Dudhait

    Dear Karl,

    Highly Impressed by your REAL working INDICATOR. For FOREX TRADING, it is my routine words that “TRADING IS EASY BUT NOT SIMPLE” Now it has been chaged to “TRADING IS EASY AS WELL AS TOO MUCH SIMPLE” Now, iwith your INDICATOR, any novice Trader can use this Indicator without any hesitation and EARN the money easily.
    My heartiest congratulations to you and your team.

  499. Bomi sanjana

    Hi karl, This is to acknowledge your powerful knowledge and your Quest for helping ALL Irrespective if we buy your Products or not. You are one of the Very Few Customer service who replies promptly unlike all those notorious bunch here in this forex World. Please keep up the good work you are doing for FX Community. God helps those who help THEMSELVES! Indeed!
    Best Wishes From Bomi in Houston, tx, USA.

  500. B.Schmidt

    Hi Kasrl, thank you for the helpful and nice indicator, with one view you can see the market conditions and also your other indicators are very good, good for manual trading, but i am program beside EA`s for MT 4.

    Have a nice week!

    Greetings from germany

    Burkhard Schmidt

  501. Trev M


    thank you so much for the excellent work you’ve done, it’s been a great help and is very much appreciated.

  502. MikeJones

    I actually look forward to your emails. I have purchased several of your products which I like a lot. I also praise your generosity. The products you have given away are more profitable for me than most of the ones I have purchased from some other vendors. I really do appreciate them. All of the products I have acquired from you are accurate, easy to set up, very simple to use and very reasonably priced. That’s the biggest complement I could give anyone in this business. Thank you very much!

  503. Segrid Herrera

    Dear Karl.
    Y want to express my gratitude for your system “100 Pips Daily – Set and Forget”, as in most of results DEMO account have been winners in my particular case, in the currency pair GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY.
    Thank you.

  504. Mike Vaiana

    Am posting a comment made privately to Karl recently:

    Dear Karl,

    Again, thanks for your kindness and offers of help. I have in life gone on the assumption that if somebody has what it takes they’ll go out and figure it out for themselves, but in that I realize that pride goes before a fall (several, in my case) I may in the near future presume to ask you a question or two.

    Yours truly,
    Mike Vaiana

    I will add to the above that this seems a very good site that I intend exploring furthur.

  505. Veselin Iliev

    Dear Karl,
    Thank you very much for your help and support.
    I would like to remark that I have a very big profit with your secret strategy 100 Pips Daily – Set and Forget.
    Since you started to help me with different tools such as indicator and information I began to be more optimistic about FOREX.
    God bless you Karl!


  506. greg

    Hi Karl.Greg here from Singapore.Thanks for all the freebies I have been getting from you.The freebies are helpful as I am beginning to make money and not losing like before.Thanks again for your help to all newbies with your freebies.


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