Free Forex powerful Buy Sell Indicator: Double signal and Trend strength

By | September 29, 2011

Here is awesome free Forex indicator for you:

The indicator draws a current trend buy or sell opportunity in “double confirmed mode”
When both arrows in the same direction – it is a double confirmed signal.
When arrows printed in opposite way – not confirmed signal – no trades.

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10 thoughts on “Free Forex powerful Buy Sell Indicator: Double signal and Trend strength

  1. Arthur P Cardi

    Karl… can I purchase this now but put it on a different smartphone then the one that I have

    1. Karl Dittmann Post author

      Hey Arthur

      You can install it on PC and make it send push notifications to your mobile.
      It does not matter which device you make the purchase from but I suggest PC.

  2. ArtMoney

    Usually, when we’re dealing with a crossover trading strategy a buy or a sell signal is only generated when the two moving averages cross each other; however the Double Trend Profit Indicator attempts to predict in advance when a crossover will happen.

  3. K3Cottage

    Здравствуйте! Индикатор Buy Sell Magic обновлен? или он универсален и ему не требуются новые настройки?

  4. zainal

    tried it but so far didnt make good profit yet. anyway..thanks..

  5. McPherson Holdings Inc

    this one is off the hook, when you combine several of his indicators together you come up with a complete trading system, why anyone would say something negative is proof that the man knows what he’s doing.


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